A Thug's Ascension: Dive into the Gritty Crime Drama of Maratha 2023 | Moonwalk Games

Experience the immersive world of 'A Thug's Ascension,' a low-poly action-adventure/FPS game by Moonwalk Games. Join Chief, a feared mercenary, in a dark crime drama set in the dying city of Maratha. Engage in intense shooting and driving gameplay while unraveling a character-driven story. Explore the war against Dr. Sarkar's violent ambitions in this four-hour campaign. Immerse yourself in a dialogue-driven narrative with a 47,000-word screenplay by writer-director Adi Chandra.

General Information

Developer - Moonwalk Games

Publisher - Moonwalk Games

Genre - Open World, Story Rich, Adventure, Action, Shooter, Gore, Singleplayer

Platform(s) - Steam (PC)

Date Released - 19 Jan, 2024

A Thug's Ascension is a low-poly action-adventure / FPS story set in the dying city of Maratha, circa 2023. Become Chief, a feared mercenary, and experience a dark, slow-paced crime drama marrying cinematic, dialogue-driven storytelling with intense shooting and driving gameplay.

Dive into the heart of Maratha

A metropolis on the brink of collapse, with 'A Thug's Ascension' – a gripping creation by Moonwalk Games. Assume the role of 'Chief,' a feared mercenary, and embark on a journey through a dark, grounded crime drama. Join a gang of outlaws as they resist the ruthless Dr. Sarkar, a billionaire industrialist attempting to reshape the city in his own vision.

This narrative-driven experience explores the dreams, chaos, and mental turmoil of two broken men with clashing ideologies, born on opposite sides of the great bridge. Uncover the essence of humanity within them as they rediscover their lost selves. The epic four-hour campaign seamlessly blends intense first-person shooter gameplay with emotionally charged storytelling.

Immerse yourself in the slow-paced, dialogue-driven story, meticulously crafted through a 47,000-word screenplay by writer-director Adi Chandra. Engage in thrilling shootouts, high-speed drives, and strategic decision-making that impact the unfolding drama. 'A Thug's Ascension' promises a unique blend of action and emotion, offering a gaming experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Join Chief on his quest for redemption, as the war for Maratha's soul unfolds. Are you ready to confront the shadows of the dying city and make choices that define the fate of its inhabitants? Explore, shoot, drive, and wreck your way through this unforgettable journey of self-discovery and chaos. Subscribe for exclusive updates and prepare to experience gaming like never before.

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