ABRISS – Build to Destroy: Unleash Chaos in Digital-Brutalist Cityscapes

ABRISS – Build to Destroy, a physics-destruction puzzle game by Randwerk and astragon Entertainment, is now available on Steam. Create structures with various parts and watch them demolish your targets in stunning digital-brutalist cityscapes. Be resourceful, strategize, and witness entropy at its worst. Get ready to build, destroy, and conquer!

General Information

Developer - Randwerk

Publisher - astragon Entertainment

Genre - Minimalist, Logic, Puzzle, Casual, Physics, Destruction, Building

Platform(s) - PC ( Ssteam )

Date Released - 5 Sep, 2023

Available On


ABRISS is an atmospheric physics-destruction building game.Build structures from parts to let them crash into your targets. Unlock new parts, destroy more, witness entropy at its worst in digital-brutalist cityscapes. Build to destroy.

ABRISS – Build to Destroy: Unleash Chaos and Creativity

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience with 'ABRISS – Build to Destroy,' a physics-destruction puzzle game brought to you by the Randwerk Cooperative in collaboration with astragon Entertainment. Available now on Steam, this game invites you to step into digital-brutalist cityscapes where creativity knows no bounds.

Build to Destroy:

In 'ABRISS,' you play as a builder armed with an array of parts, each with different weights, forms, and functions. Your task? Construct structures that will ultimately collide with and obliterate your targets. It's a game where ingenuity and resourcefulness are your keys to success.

Combine parts to create inventive contraptions—whether it's a rocket powered by thrusters, a rotating laser rocket, or a colossal hammer. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination. Witness the spectacular destruction unfold, no matter how you choose to approach it.

The Art of Destruction:

The objective is clear: hit the main targets to triumph in campaign mode. This often requires a strategic approach, such as demolishing an armored wall to expose a vulnerable core or utilizing environmental mechanics like giant Pistons to catapult Ultra Heavy Cubes towards your target. Alternatively, go all out and unleash a barrage of destruction upon your adversaries.

Complex Destruction System:

'ABRISS' features a meticulously simulated destruction system, including physics-based statics and thousands of debris particles. Experience the chaos without worrying about performance issues.

Campaign Mode:

Embark on an adventure across seven unique worlds, each offering hand-crafted destructible cityscapes. Begin each stage with a limited set of parts and strategize your way to victory. Unlock new parts as you progress, and adapt to different environmental mechanics in each world.

Sandbox & Endless Mode:

Experiment with building patterns, even with parts you haven't unlocked yet, in the sandbox mode. Push the limits of destruction and creativity. Explore the new Endless game mode and aim for the ultimate highscore.

Photography & Steam Workshop:

Capture your most epic moments in the game with the Photo Mode. Freeze time to perfect your shots, apply filters, and export them as sharp 4k jpegs. Share your creativity with the gaming community. Additionally, enjoy controller support, remappable controls, GIF creation, and Steam Workshop support for endless possibilities.

'ABRISS – Build to Destroy' is the debut commercial game from the Randwerk Cooperative, a group of three students from Berlin. Dive into a world of chaos, creativity, and digital-brutalist destruction. Are you ready to build, destroy, and leave your mark on these dynamic cityscapes?

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