AirportSim: Advanced Airport Ground Handling Simulator | Realistic Aviation Experience

Dive into AirportSim, an advanced airport ground handling simulator offering true-to-life visuals, licensed planes, real airports, and live weather conditions. Explore accurate in-game tasks, operate licensed planes, and manage realistic vehicles. Enjoy various game modes, including scenarios, challenges, and cooperative play. Experience the thrill of aviation in this unforgettable simulator.

General Information


Publisher - Iceberg Interactive

Genre - Job Simulator, Hobby Sim, Flight, Simulation, Immersive Sim, Sandbox, Jet

Platform(s) - PC (Steam)

Date Released - 19 Oct, 2023

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AirportSim is an Advanced Airport Ground Handling Simulator with true-to-life visuals and operations, licensed planes and vehicles, real airports and live weather conditions. Enjoy the many tasks alone or with friends, making this experience unforgettable.

Immerse in Realistic Ground Handling Tasks

AirportSim delivers an authentic experience with meticulously crafted tasks developed from documented knowledge and interviews with real-world airport ground handling staff. Engage in activities such as aircraft guiding, marshalling, securing aircraft, connecting GPU, fuelling, luggage handling, jetway manoeuvring, catering, and more. Each task is designed to mirror real-life airport operations, providing players with a genuine sense of the aviation industry.

Explore True-to-Life Airports:

Discover true-to-life airports meticulously recreated to match their real-world counterparts. From ground layouts and plane parking to gate numbers and lines, every detail aligns with actual airport designs. Navigate using real aviation charts, enhancing the immersion as you move around airports like Vagar Airport, Keflavik Airport, Warsaw Chopin Airport, and Key West Airport.

Operate Licensed Planes and Vehicles:

Experience the thrill of serving licensed planes such as Airbus A320neo and 737 MAX from partnered airlines like EnterAir, WizzAir, Norwegian Airlines, and Atlantic Airways. Operate an array of licensed vehicles, including buses, fuel tankers, baggage carts, and more, each featuring realistic physics, speed limits, true interiors, and functions. Towing a 60-tonne aircraft? Just ensure you follow procedures for a seamless airport experience.

Dynamic Weather System and Real-Time Conditions:

Weather plays a pivotal role in aviation operations, and AirportSim integrates a detailed weather system. Experience real-time weather conditions mapped in conjunction with the METAR system, enhancing the challenge and realism of your airport operations. Alternatively, choose specific weather types to customize your gameplay experience.

Multiple Gameplay Modes for Diverse Experiences:

AirportSim offers versatile gameplay modes tailored to different player preferences:


Follow stacked flight plans and complete predefined tasks in sequence based on weather conditions.


Test your skills and compete for high scores on the scoreboard in challenging airport situations.


Team up with friends and collaborate to tackle tasks, enhancing the fun of the airport adventure.

Free Play:

Explore airports at your pace without restrictions. Observe planes, engage in tasks, or create your own airport experience. The choice is yours!

Steamworks Integration for Endless Customization:

AirportSim integrates Steamworks, allowing players to personalize their experience. Create custom aircraft paint skins, craft unique gameplay scenarios, and share your creations with the community. Download skins and scenarios made by others, enhancing the game's customization and extending its replayability.

Experience the thrill of airport ground handling, manage licensed planes, operate realistic vehicles, and adapt to changing weather conditions in AirportSim. Whether you prefer challenging scenarios, cooperative play with friends, or unrestricted exploration, AirportSim offers a comprehensive and immersive airport simulation experience.

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