Artificer's Tower: Master the Magical Arts in This Cozy Colony-Sim Game by RodentGames

Enter the enchanting world of Artificer's Tower, a cozy colony sim by RodentGames where you prove your mastery of the magical arts. Build and defend your wizard tower, manage your mages, craft spells, and research magic to keep your tower safe and your mages happy. Unleash your inner architect wizard and design the tower of your dreams. Are you ready to defend your base, manage your mages, summon powerful bosses, and flex your alchemy skills? Play Artificer's Tower now and embark on an epic magical journey!

General Information

Developer - RodentGames

Publisher - RodentGames

Genre - Colony Sim, Tower Defense, Cozy, Base Building, Resource Management, Survival, Building

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 18 Apr, 2024

Welcome to Artificer's Tower, the enchanting new game from RodentGames! Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of magic and wizardry? In this cozy colony-sim wizard tower defense game, you'll embark on a journey to prove your mastery of the magical arts.

Artificer's Tower

is your gateway to an enchanting world where you take on the role of a master wizard architect. In this cozy colony sim by RodentGames, you'll immerse yourself in a magical adventure filled with base-building, tower defense, and alchemy. Build your wizard tower to your heart's content, whether it's shaped like a snowman or something even more fantastical. Manage your mages with the expertise of a seasoned boss, ensuring they stay happy and productive to maintain the integrity of your magical empire.

But it's not all about managing resources and keeping your tower in order. "Artificer's Tower" also challenges you to defend your base from invading monsters by strategically placing traps and summoning powerful bosses you've defeated. Train the next generation of wizards, watching them evolve from novices to masterful artificers under your guidance. And as your ambitions grow, so too will your alchemical expertise, allowing you to craft advanced items and spend less time micromanaging your mages.

With features like defending your base, managing your mages, summoning powerful bosses, training novices, and flexing your alchemy skills, "Artificer's Tower" promises an immersive and thrilling experience for all aspiring wizards. Are you ready to prove your mastery of the magical arts and create the ultimate wizard tower? Join the adventure now!

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