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No Escape by Imagic and Xänte on the Atari 2600

No Escape! is Imagic's answer to Breakout-style games, providing a wicked twist on this popular genre.

General Information

Developer - Imagic

Publisher - Imagic, Xänte

Release - 1983

Platform(s) - Atari 2600

Number of Players - Single Player

Genre - Action game

You control Jason, a hero who can throw rocks to temporarily defeat his enemies. Unfortunately, the enemies now are able to multiply when hit by Jason's rocks. Jason must use his rocks to knock out bricks from the ceiling, in a manner similar to Breakout. These, in turn, fall, and are used to wipe out Furies (Jason's enemies).

Jason has taken the Golden Fleece! The gods of Olympus are not pleased. They wish to test this proud mortal. Jason wakes to find himself imprisoned in the Temple of Aphrodite! Frenzied Furies flash overhead. Armed only with stones he finds on the Temple floor, the resourceful Jason must pit his wiles against there cunning menaces!

No Escape! does allow some degree of control over Jason's enemies at the risk of getting hit by his own bricks. Furies learn how to avoid the bricks to some extent and drop rocks of their own. One hit from a rock or falling brick will cost Jason some life force. Although Jason begins with only one life, it takes several hits to deplete the life force sustaining him. Once Jason's life force is depleted, Pegasus carries Jason to his afterlife. No Escape! awards one extra hit to Jason's life force for every level completed.


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