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Pick Up by Mark Klein and 20th Century Fox / Fox Video Games on the Atari 2600

Your goal in Pick Up is to pick up the girl on the left side of the screen for a little midnight rendezvous at the local hotel.

General Information

Developer - Mark Klein

Publisher - 20th Century Fox / Fox Video Games

Release - 1983

Platform(s) - Atari 2600

Number of Players - Single Player

Genre - Arcade - Miscellaneous

While the concept may be unique, the game was a little too racy for the people at 20th Century Fox who wanted to promote more family oriented games like Porky's. So Pick Up wound up shelved indefinitely. Other than its rather adult theme, the video game market was rapidly collapsing and 20th Century Fox decided to get out of the game business. While Pick Up is fun in short bursts, its long term playability is questionable.

The cart, box and manual are reproductions from 2002 with permission of programmer Mark Klein.


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