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Basics on the Bally Astrocade home game console

Basics is the game that makes it an easy way to learn about computers than with the Bally BASIC system.

General Information

Developer - Bally Astrocade

Publisher - Bally Astrocade

Release - 1978

Platform(s) - Bally Astrocade

Number of Players - 1P

Genre - Education

This plug-in cartridge with built-in audio tape interface converts your ARCADE into a personal computer you can program yourself. The term, BASIC, is an acronym for: Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.

Bally BASIC as a language designed to make computers and programming easier to understand. It is an expanded version of Li-Chen Wang's Palo Alto Tiny BASIC. Written by Jay Fenton, Bally BASIC allows you to program or great pictures and sounds accompanied by a full range of 256 color choices. Bally BASIC expands your computer by letting you program your own computer games, electronic music and video art.