Bally Astrocade
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Clowns/Brickyard on the Bally Astrocade game console

This cartridge offers a pair of games based upon the arcade classics Breakout and Clowns

General Information

Developer - Bally Astrocade

Publisher - Bally Astrocade

Release - 1979

Platform(s) - Bally Astrocade

Number of Players - 1P / 4P

Genre - Action

Each game may be played by up to four players taking alternating turns.

Up to 99 balls or clowns may be played. Brickyard is the Breakout influenced title. It features the familiar game play of using a paddle at the bottom of the screen to bounce a ball against bricks at the top of the screen.

Brickyard is a clone of Breakout. It is almost identical to the original game but differs in that the ball moves in a trajectory and not in a straight path. The game can be played in four different difficulties that alters the speed of the ball as well as the size of the paddle. In a multiplayer game it's possible to choose different difficulties for each player.

Clowns adapts the essence of Breakout to a circus setting. A pair of clowns bounce up and down on a teeter-totter trying to pop rows of balloons at the top of the screen. The clowns pick up speed each time they bounce off the teeter-totter.