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Grand Prix Demolition Derby on the Bally Astrocade game console

Grand Prix is a formula racing game played from a top down perspective. There are three different tracks that are all one screen in size.

General Information

Developer - Bally Astrocade

Publisher - Bally Astrocade

Release - 1978

Platform(s) - Bally Astrocade

Number of Players - 1P / 4P

Genre - Racing

This cartridge consists of two games: Grand Prix and Demolition Derby. Both are racing games that can be played by up to four players.

The controls simply involve accelerating and steering left and right with the aim of reaching the finish line first. The number of laps (1-99) and the difficulty level (pro or beginner) can be selected before a race. Pro differs in the speed of the cars.

Demolition Derby is similar to Grand Prix but here the objective is to ram into the other cars until only one remains in the arena. Each car has a number of points (which is chosen by the players) and for each hit one point is lost. When a car reaches zero points it loses and cannot move any further.