Betomis: Survive Dark Dungeons in this Retro 2D Action Platformer

Dive into the challenging pixel art dungeons of Betomis, an action-packed platformer by eastasiasoft. Overcome deadly hazards, defeat monsters, and explore mazes in this retro gaming adventure.

General Information

Developer - eastasiasoft

Publisher - eastasiasoft

Genre - Action, Platform

Platform(s) - PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

Date Released - 27 September 2023

Enter the tricky pixel art dungeons of Betomis, where you’ll need to carefully observe and explore your surroundings in order to escape! Betomis is a retro 2D action platformer where each chamber of the sprawling dungeon is a single screen of environmental puzzling.

Embark on a Pixelated Adventure in Betomis!

Pixel Art Puzzling:

Betomis invites you to step into the world of pixelated dungeon exploration. This retro 2D action platformer challenges you to navigate a labyrinthine dungeon filled with intricate puzzles and deadly traps. Each chamber is a single screen, packed with environmental conundrums that will test your observation skills.

Survival at its Core:

In the dark and treacherous dungeons of Betomis, light is scarce, and weapons are a rarity. However, danger lurks at every corner. Spikes, spinning saw blades, menacing creatures, and carnivorous plants are just a few of the perils you'll face. Can you survive and conquer this relentless underworld?

The Valiant Knight:

Assume the role of a valiant knight on a mission to escape the clutches of these challenging mazes. Arm yourself with an axe and shield to take on the foes that block your path. When disarmed, use your wits and agility to hop on the heads of monsters. Seek out keys to unlock the doors to the next chamber, each more perplexing than the last.

Mastery of Movement:

Betomis demands precision and agility. Utilize double jumps to evade traps, reach obscured platforms, and outmaneuver your adversaries. With each attempt, you'll hone your skills and inch closer to victory.

Unlimited Retry:

Falling victim to the dungeon's dangers won't be the end of your journey. Betomis offers instant restarts at the last door you passed through, ensuring that you can try as many times as needed to conquer the challenges that lie ahead. No frustrating load times to slow you down!

Pixelated Pleasure:

Explore dozens of single-screen platforming stages, all rendered in charming pixel art style. Each stage offers a unique challenge, and every victory brings you one step closer to mastering Betomis.

Betomis is more than just a game; it's an adventure where wit, skill, and determination are your greatest assets. Can you survive the dark dungeons and emerge as the ultimate pixelated hero?

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