Binatone TV Master MK6

Binatone TV Master Mk IV Home game system

Binatone TV Master Mk IV was a very popular 'tennis' game console from the late seventies. This pong based system is one of the many Binatone systems.

General Information

Binatone TV Master MK 8

General Information

Developer - Binatone

Publisher - Binatone

Release - 1976

Platform - TV Master Mk IV

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Binatone TV Master Mk IV

It is the first of the "TV Master" serie and offers 4 pong games (squash, squash practise, football, tennis).

The TV master series are first generation black & white pong consoles. The TV Master MK IV system is the same as the Colour TV Game except that the games are in black & white, while the Colour TV game displays colour games. The console also features a compartment underneath to store the TV cable & also the paddles could be stored inside it if the console didn’t have batteries fitted.

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