Black Dragon Mage: Unleash Elemental Magic in a Dark Fantasy Action-Roguelite Survivors Shooter

Embark on a mesmerizing journey with Black Dragon Mage, a top-down horde shooter by datablob. Explore the Hall of Relics, hatch your own dragon, and wield powerful ARPG-style abilities. Survive demon hordes, upgrade your mage, and avenge your own death in this relentless action-roguelite adventure. Discover 16-bit retro visuals, challenging boss fights, and endless build possibilities. Forge your path, grow in power, and turn the tide in the battle between darkness and magic!

General Information

Developer - datablob

Publisher - datablob

Genre - Action Roguelike, Twin Stick Shooter, Bullet Hell, Shoot 'Em Up, Top-Down, Pixel Graphics, Dragons

Platform(s) - Steam (PC)

Date Released - March 2024

Available On


The Hall of Relics calls out to you, traveler! Unleash elemental magic, slay demon hordes, and absorb their souls to grow in power. Hatch your very own companion dragon from an egg. Fly your dragon into battle. Avenge your death. An action-roguelite survivors shooter.

Welcome to the immersive world of Black Dragon Mage

A captivating dark fantasy action-roguelite that pushes the boundaries of the bullet heaven subgenre. Developed by datablob, this top-down horde shooter invites you to answer the call of the Hall of Relics. Unleash elemental magic, confront demonic enemies, and absorb their souls to ascend in power. The heart of the game lies in hatching your dragon companion, soaring into battle, and seeking vengeance in a cycle of growth and evolution.

Black Dragon Mage boasts stunning 16-bit retro visuals, offering a visual treat for fans of classic gaming aesthetics. Dive into a world teeming with relentless demonic enemies, challenging boss fights, and an array of satisfying build choices. The game introduces a unique twist with the ability to hatch and ride your dragon companion, adding a dynamic element to the traditional survivors-like gameplay.


Take on the role of the Black Dragon Mage and customize your mage and weapons at every level-up. Experiment with a variety of ARPG-style abilities, creating a unique combination for each run. Embrace the opportunity for growth with every death, acquiring new meta-upgrades in the Hall of Relics. Your journey is marked by continuous experimentation and the pursuit of newfound power.


Immerse yourself in the destruction of demonic legions using magic projectiles and ever-growing area damage. Confront mysterious boss enemies, decipher their weaknesses, and emerge victorious. The game's dynamic progression allows you to launch increasingly powerful attacks, modifying primary weapons through stats and unlocking Masteries for strategic depth. Experiment with a range of ARPG-style defensive and offensive abilities, shaping your own unique playstyle.


As the Black Dragon Mage, forge your path by experimenting with combinations of your core arsenal and powerful abilities. Level up your attributes, weapons, and abilities with each run, customizing your build for dizzying heights of power. Turn the environment to your advantage, utilizing explosive strategic genius and deadly traps to outmaneuver foes. Witness the relentless waves or embrace the cycle of perishing and returning stronger, unlocking meta-upgrades and fresh weaponry in the Hall of Relics.

Black Dragon Mage offers a captivating blend of dark fantasy, action-roguelite gameplay, and strategic depth. Immerse yourself in a world where growth, evolution, and revenge intertwine, and every run marks a new beginning in the battle against the forces of darkness.

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