Bleak Sword DX: Dark Fantasy Action Game | Nintendo Switch, Steam, Apple Arcade

Embark on a pure and thrilling dark fantasy adventure in Bleak Sword DX. Fight horrifying creatures, wield powerful weapons and magic, and lift the curse of the legendary Bleak Sword. Experience brutal new chapters, unpredictable challenges, and endless battles in this visually enhanced action game on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Apple Arcade.

General Information

Developer - more8bit

Publisher - Devolver Digital

Genre -Action Roguelike, Hack and Slash, 2D Fighter, Arcade, Action-Adventure, 2D, Swordplay

Platform(s) - Nintendo Switch, Steam Apple Arcade

Date Released - 8 Jun, 2023

Discover and destroy increasingly horrifying creatures across an oppressive lofi world, wielding fierce weaponry and powerful magic in this pocket-sized action adventure.

Bleak Sword DX, developed by more8bit and published by Devolver Digital, delivers a pocket-sized action adventure set in an oppressive lofi world.

Prepare yourself for an intense and cruel journey where you must discover and vanquish increasingly horrifying creatures. With fierce weaponry and powerful magic at your disposal, engage in thrilling battles across compact, cursed diorama battlefields.

his updated version of the game, now available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Apple Arcade, brings a host of exciting features and improvements. Bleak Sword DX expands on the critically acclaimed Apple Arcade version with refined controls, three new game modes, and various gameplay and graphical enhancements.

Unfold the gripping narrative through twelve tense and deeply atmospheric chapters as you embark on a quest to lift the curse of the legendary Bleak Sword. Face off against a variety of terrifying creatures and navigate the oppressive world with skill and precision.

Immerse yourself in the haunting atmosphere of Bleak Sword DX, accompanied by an outstanding score composed by Jim Guthrie and sound design by Joonas Turner. With its brutal new chapters, unpredictable adventures, and endless battles, this game offers a challenging experience for both new players and seasoned warriors.

Experience dynamic gameplay improvements, including new attacks, parries, and counters, all complemented by a streamlined control system designed specifically for PC and console platforms. The enhanced enemy AI adds an element of unpredictability, ensuring each encounter is unique and demanding.

Prepare to be captivated by the stunning graphical enhancements of Bleak Sword DX. The game features new post-processing effects, adaptive depth of field, and a series of filters that give it a fresh visual appeal. Enhanced particle effects, detailed foliage, and weather enhancements add a new level of atmosphere and immersion to the haunting world you'll explore.

Engage in the brutal new Boss Run gauntlet, challenge yourself in the remixed version of the game with the Randomizer campaign modifier, or test your skills in the soul-crushing Arena mode. With Bleak Sword DX, the possibilities for intense and satisfying gameplay are endless.

Get ready to embark on this dark and challenging adventure in Bleak Sword DX, now available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Apple Arcade. Unleash your warrior's potential and prove yourself as a legend in this unforgiving world.

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