Dark Era RPG
By West Legacy Group

Dark Era RPG is a table top role playing game of Alien horror and investigation.


General Information

Developer - West Legacy Group

Publisher - West Legacy Group

Release - TBA

Website - www.darkerarpg.com

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Pitting ordinary humans against the threat of an alien invasion. Horrific encounters with terrifying alien monsters, covert investigations into our own law enforcement and government bodies are some of the possibilities in Dark Era©. The player characters can come from any walk of life, high school students, tough guy in an Irish mob or gang, sophisticated high society princess or down to earth lawyer looking for justice.

For the best experience it is recommended that all the players and game master read through the core rule book — while some parts are for the GM only, it is still a good idea for players to know how things work.

For flavor and atmosphere, you can watch movies or TV shows like the X-Files, Fire in the Sky, Dark Skies and Area 51. Men in Black is also potentially useful if you want to play as Earth Defence Force Agents.

Dark Era RPG game

What is a Role Playing Game?

A Roleplaying Game or RPG is usually played with 2 to 6 people, 1 been a storyteller or Game Master (GM) and the others been player characters (PCs). The GM tells the story and describes scenarios, setting objectives or opponents to overcome and the Players decide on their characters (PCs) actions.

Think of it as been an actor in a movie with the director (GM) directing the flow of the action around you, but you decide on what you are doing.

The Rules are used to determine success or failure and should add excitement into the game.

Famous games like Dungeons & Dragons(c) and World of Warcraft(c) are examples of Role Playing Games.

Dark Era RPG game

What makes Dark Era © different?

We aim to make Dark Era© as unique as possible in both system (but still keeping it easy to understand) as well as Setting. The first edition of Dark Era is set in 1960s America where racial tension, the space race, rumours of the cold war and other conflicts are occurring across the country and the world.

All of earth's known history up to 1960 is true in Dark Era. The events that occur after the 1960s can come into play or occur just as they do, but the PC’s could also influence the outcomes of historic events.

Anything else mentioned in Dark Era is fictitious.

"They say that wars end. But they don't. They just change…."

Sargent Alfred Morgan, WWII Infantry

Dark Era RPG game