Mythos: Vengeance of Ognyan tabletop RPG by 1AM Studios.

1AM Studios is a newly-founded game company based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Our first project is titled "Mythos" We’re set on making creative, original and memorable video game experiences.

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Developer - 1AM Studios

Publisher - 1AM Studios

Release - TBA

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Mythos Tabletop

We're a team of people who believe that ideas can thrive, games can still be fun and that both can collide to create something beautiful.

Our first project is titled "Mythos". It’s a series of interconnected games, based in medieval Eastern Europe. Our narrative finds its roots in ancient Slavic mythology and follows the path of an unfolding prophecy, foreboding the end of the world. But there’s much more than meets the eye here. All of our projects are riddled with innovative and interesting systems that will allow our players to experiment and have fun to their will’s extent.

Mythos Tabletop

Currently we are working on our first project – a tabletop RPG board game, titled "Mythos: Vengeance of Ognyan". The game can be played solo or in a party of up to four people. The game follows the footsteps of three heroes from the world of Mythos, who venture out to slay an ancient zmey, who has risen from the grave. The game can be played solo or in a party of up to four people.

The gameplay will be combat driven and strategy dependent. You can choose to play as any of the three characters, each of which has unique mechanics. The most important thing when designing those was to give you options, but to make the game exciting as well. You roll to see what options you have, but ultimately how you apply those is up to you.

Mythos Tabletop

Positioning also plays an important role – depending on how the party is positioned on the board, different buffs, debuffs or mechanics are in play. And speaking of boards – there are 16 in total and each of them has unique mechanics in play, like hiding spots or poison that drains your HP!

But this core set is more than just a tabletop RPG – it’s a platform for future adventures as well. The featured campaigns are here to introduce you to our world and teach you how to play. Then – the pieces are in your hands and you can use them to craft your own epic quests. We can’t wait to see what all of you will come up with!

Mythos Tabletop

Much more than that – just take your favorite hero, his die and a tile with you and you are ready to play anytime, anywhere! Random RNG challenges or PVP – its up to you! We’ve done our best to give you a plethora of activities that you can partake with. And we have more with which to expand upon the core of the game.

Soon, we will be launching a Kickstarter. We will need your help to bring the World of “Mythos” to life. We promise it’s going to be #mythical. For more information – visit our social media links. We are constantly posting new stuff and updating our community. If you want to test our game or make a review of an early demo version – just hit us up and we will arrange that you receive a printable version.

Mythos Tabletop

*NOTE: All showcase boardgame assets are not to be considered final!

**NOTE: “Vengeance of Ognyan” is a standalone story that can be played at any point past the main event of the Mythos storyline. It does not contain spoilers for other announced Mythos-related projects.

***NOTE: All of this doesn’t mean that the Mythos videogame is canceled! It is just an in-between project that we can’t wait to realize. We promise it’s not affecting the development of the general World of Mythos.