Carnage Offering TD: Defend Humanity in a Dystopian Future | Tower Defense Game

Join the fight against robotic replicators in Carnage Offering TD, a futuristic tower defense game set in 2528. Build powerful towers, upgrade heroes, and deploy essential technologies to protect the universe. Are you ready for the ultimate strategy challenge?

General Information

Developer - Futurtech

Publisher - Nova's Army

Genre - Tower Defense, Strategy, RTS, Sci-fi, Action, Indie, Aliens

Platform(s) - PC ( Steam )

Date Released - 17 Sep, 2023

Available On


The replicator robots are back! It's 2528. The machines are increasingly infecting the planets with genetically modified monsters. Challenge them and try to stop the onslaught. Upgrade buildings and heroes, mine resources, discover technology and fight to save humanity!

Carnage Offering TD: Defend Humanity in a Dystopian Future

In the year 2528, humanity faces its greatest threat from robotic replicators, and it's up to you to save the universe. Carnage Offering TD, developed by Futurtech Studio, is a classic tower defense real-time strategy game that takes you on an epic journey through a dystopian world.

Build Towers for Protection

From machine gun turrets to fusion mortars and Tesla power plants, you'll have a wide array of powerful towers at your disposal. Each tower comes with unique abilities that can turn the tide in even the most dire situations. Upgrade your towers outside of combat to enhance their range, damage, critical hits, and hit points. Harness the power of mining to build your turrets faster or boost them when the situation demands it.

Get to Know the Heroes' Abilities

Meet Jake and Paul, two heroes with distinct fighting techniques. Jake, armed with his rifle, excels at long-range combat, making him ideal for repelling hordes of enemies. He can also change weapons and undergo transplants to further enhance his abilities. Paul wields a telekinetic sword, excelling in close combat. Although he may suffer more damage, his upgradeable armor protects him from enemy attacks.

Improve Heroes and Technologies

Outside of combat, you can upgrade not only your turrets but also your heroes and technologies. Completing missions will earn you the money needed for these enhancements. Unlock eight essential technologies, including satellite strikes, turret repairs, explosive mines, reinforcement soldiers, and nuclear missiles. All technologies are upgradeable, altering their visual appearance and increasing their effectiveness.

Move to Different Corners of the Universe

Embark on a thrilling adventure across 22 replayable levels with varying difficulties. Traverse diverse environments, from medieval cities to zombie-infested towns and underground reaper bases. Each level offers a unique experience, taking you on a journey filled with challenges and surprises.

Face Over 30 Different Enemies and Bosses

The universe is teeming with danger, as you'll encounter over 30 different enemies and formidable bosses. Each enemy possesses special abilities, such as healing, ranged attacks, poison, spawning, or protective shields. From knights and witches to zombies, mutant insects, werewolves, soldiers, demons, spaceships, and robots, a vast array of adversaries awaits your strategic prowess.


45 varieties of towers across 7 classes

Over 200 tower upgrades

2 customizable heroes with unique abilities

8 essential technologies to unlock and upgrade

22 replayable levels with multiple difficulty settings

Face off against more than 30 different enemies and

challenging bosses

Prepare for an unparalleled tower defense experience in Carnage Offering TD. Can you protect humanity from the robotic menace threatening the universe?

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