Castle of Alchemists: Defend, Craft, and Unleash Your Unique Style! Available on Steam.

Step into the shoes of Bellator, the alchemically enhanced super soldier, and defend humanity's last hope in Castle of Alchemists—a thrilling tower defense and action hybrid game by Team Machiavelli, Catoptric Games, and IndieArk. Strategically set traps, build defensive towers, and equip powerful weapons to reclaim the castle from malicious elemental creatures. Level up, unlock new abilities, and unleash your creativity through the crafting system. Don't miss this captivating pixel art adventure releasing on now on Steam.

General Information

Developer - Team Machiavelli

Publisher - Catoptric Games, IndieArk

Genre - Early Access, Tower Defense, Action RPG, Top-Down Shooter, Strategy, Action, Shoot 'Em Up

Platform(s) - PC

Date Released - 17 May, 2023

Available On


Defend your castle in this fast-paced tower defense/action hybrid game with stunning pixel art graphics! Play as alchemically enhanced warrior Bellator, set traps, build towers, craft powerful weapons, and defend your home! The fate of the castle lies in your hands!

Venture into the mesmerizing world of Castle of Alchemists, a groundbreaking action-packed game that seamlessly blends top-down shooter, tower defense, and RPG elements.

Developed by the talented minds at Team Machiavelli, Catoptric Games, and IndieArk, this indie gem invites you to embrace the role of Bellator—an alchemically enhanced super soldier—tasked with defending humanity's last bastion within the Castle of Alchemists.

A pulse-pounding battle for survival unfolds as you find yourself trapped within the castle's confines, facing relentless invaders from unknown elemental realms. The fate of both the castle's residents and these menacing creatures lies in the hands of brave few, including you—the alchemically enhanced defender.

Your mission is to strategize, set ingenious traps, construct formidable defensive towers, and equip yourself with powerful weapons and gear. It's a tower defense and top-down action hybrid game like no other, where every move counts as you gradually reclaim the castle, piece by piece.

As you embark on this epic journey, unlock new abilities, traps, and weapons, honing your skills to save survivors and uncover lost knowledge. The gameplay experience is enriched with randomized schematics, crafting opportunities, and versatile equipment that adapt to your playstyle, adding depth and diversity to your gameplay.

Each level presents unique challenges as you face enemies from different elemental realms. Battle against fire-realm invaders in the forges, confront Earth-realm golems in the mines, and wage icy wars against creatures from the ice realm. Every foe possesses distinct abilities, resistances, and weaknesses, forcing you to adapt your strategies and tactics to outwit and outmatch them.

Castle of Alchemists' captivating environments offer a variety of objectives, from protecting valuable assets to rescuing trapped masters and apprentices. Explore the castle's depths, uncovering fresh challenges and dangers at every turn, ensuring your adventure remains engaging and immersive.

Constructing a formidable defense is a strategic affair. Build defensive towers housing semi-automatic ballistas, revolving cannons, and steam-powered mounted gatling guns. Lay deadly traps like spikes, flame pillars, acid showers, and rotating-dart throwers, all to halt and eliminate incoming invaders. Unlock upgrades to enhance your defenses further, such as imbuing your cannons with spin to ricochet cannonballs for extended range or coating spikes with poison for added lethality.

Mastering the synergy between traps and your abilities holds the key to victory. Create powerful combos by planting electric turrets amidst metal traps, then soak enemies with water and freeze them with ammonium-nitrate vials for devastating results. Uncover an array of trap-ability combinations to maximize your defense's effectiveness and ensure the castle remains safe.

Dive into the captivating pixel art graphics and riveting gameplay, and experience the adrenaline rush of being humanity's last hope against the forces of darkness. Prepare to defend, craft, and unleash your unique style in this action-packed tower defense adventure!

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