Coleco Telstar Ranger

Telstar Ranger video game Console released in 1977

This is the first Telstar featuring the two shooting games of the GI AY-3-8500 and was released in 1977.

General Information

Telstar Marksman

Developer - Coleco

Publisher - Coleco

Release - 1977

Platform - Telstar Ranger

Number of players - 1P / 2P

Telstar Marksman

The home gaming console was called the "Telstar Ranger". It offers a total of 6 games which can be selected through a special button the games are hockey, handball, tennis, jai alai, target and skeet.

The Telstar Ranger was in a Black and white plastic case, includes Colt 45-style light gun and separate paddle controllers.

Four ball games, two target games. Special features of the four ball games include automatic serve and variable paddle and speed control for three experience levels (beginner, intermediate, and professional). Uses six C batteries or an optional AC adapter, light gun requires one nine-volt battery.