Computer Repair Shop: Fix PCs, Fool Customers, and Dive into Cyber Espionage Adventures!

Explore the dark side of PC repair in Computer Repair Shop by Cheesecake Dev! Identify and fix computer issues, replace parts, negotiate with customers, and maybe fool them a bit. But that's not all – dive into cyber espionage adventures, develop viruses, join robot wars, hack computers, and embark on risky online explorations. Get ready for a thrilling gaming experience that goes beyond typical PC fixing simulations!

General Information

Developer - Cheesecake Dev

Publisher - Cheesecake Dev

Genre - Simulation, Casual, Life Sim, Arcade, Exploration, Immersive Sim, 3D

Platform(s) - PC(Steam)

Date Released - 12 Jan, 2024

Available On


Become a dishonest computer repairman, steal rams. Burn the motherboards!

Embark on a gaming odyssey with computer-repair-shop, the game that breaks the mold of traditional deckbuilders.

In this roguelike adventure, you'll delve into a revolutionary infinite fusion system, drawing inspiration from classics like Yu-Gi-Oh! This innovative twist allows for endless card merging, liberating you from the constraints of traditional turn-based gameplay.

computer-repair-shop empowers players to unleash high attack combos, providing a thrilling and satisfying gameplay experience reminiscent of the most dramatic moments in card battle games. Elevate your strategic journey with fusion summoning, where every decision and move contributes to your tactical foresight and mastery.

Face the unique challenge of balanced risk and reward with card devolution, adding a dynamic element to your strategic play. The adaptive mana pool system ties directly to the fusion mechanic, offering an additional layer of strategy to your gameplay.

Navigate the intricacies of the 'Dual Graveyard' system, introducing complexity to the management of defeated and discarded cards, enhancing the strategic depth of the gameplay. The protection & repositioning mechanic adds another layer of tactical complexity, forcing critical thinking about card placement.

Immerse yourself in the rich, expansive universe of computer-repair-shop, where divine entities and mythical challenges await. As 'Polupus,' your journey unfolds not just as a game but as a narrative-rich story. With roguelike elements, including relics, consumables, and ever-changing maps, computer-repair-shop ensures endless replayability, guaranteeing no two playthroughs are the same.

Unlock the power of almighty legendary cards, summoning divine characters with specific conditions and challenges during your run. The full game promises a complete story mode, 100+ cards with endless combos, Steam achievements, pre-built decks, special items, challenging nodes, and an improved Endless Mode with bosses and exploration.

Explore the gallery system, a compendium tracking your progress in cards, items, and unlockables. Engage in a meta-progression system, gaining experience, leveling up, and unlocking magical items and cards for your ongoing computer-repair-shop journey. Dive into the excitement – there's much, much more waiting for you!

computer-repair-shop computer-repair-shop computer-repair-shop

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