Cookie Cutter: A Bloody Metroidvania Quest by Subcult Joint LTD | Out Now

Experience the unique hand-drawn 2D Metroidvania, Cookie Cutter, by Subcult Joint LTD and Rogue Games, Inc. Dive into a dystopian world, control Cherry, a violent android seeking revenge, and explore the massive Megastructure. Unleash brutal gory finishers, ridiculous weapons, and epic 2D animation in this irreverent and visually stunning platformer.

General Information

Developer - Subcult Joint LTD

Publisher - Rogue Games, Inc.

Genre - RPG, Metroidvania, Action, Platformer, Action-Adventure, Female Protagonist, Violent

Platform(s) - PC(Steam), Epic Games

Date Released - 14 Dec, 2023

Available On


Love turns to rage and chainsaws in Cookie Cutter, a totally unique hand-drawn 2D Metroidvania. Become Cherry, a violent android on a rage-filled quest to save her creator.

Join Cherry, a badass android

In 'Cookie Cutter,' a hand-drawn 2D Metroidvania by Subcult Joint LTD and Rogue Games, Inc. Available now, this game offers an unforgettable blend of love, rage, and chainsaw-filled revenge.

In a dystopian world

Ruled by an egomaniac leader, INFONET's false promises lead to a decaying planet. The Red Seed is stolen, and Cherry, a renegade android, discovers her creator butchered. Fueled by love and rage, she embarks on a quest to save Dr. Shinji Fallon, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake.

Game Features:

Unique Hand-Drawn Art: Every frame is a work of art, creating an immersive experience with epic visuals, grotesque bugs, menacing robots, and gargantuan bosses.

Irreverent and Violent: Cookie Cutter breaks tropes and bones, offering an unabashedly irreverent and violent adventure.

Intense Combat: Crush enemies with ridiculous weapons, special moves, and brutal gory finishers. Experience responsive and flair-filled combat in a Metroidvania setting.

10 Huge Zones: Explore a bizarre tale inspired by Japanese manga and Tarantino films, with each zone weirder than the next. Rip wings off mosquitos, impale mini-bosses, and more in this far-future dystopia.

Immerse Yourself:

Whether you're a fan of Metroidvania games or crave a unique gaming experience, 'Cookie Cutter' delivers. Dive into the madness of Cherry's quest for revenge and explore a world where love and rage collide. Are you ready to unleash chaos and chainsaws? Play now!"

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