Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore - Reclaim, Rebuild, and Restore in Tormentosia!

Step into the world of Tormentosia in Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore, an engaging early access game on Steam. Unite with players worldwide, gather resources, and build your defenses against Sorgoth's forces. Become a valued member of your community, uncover hidden lore, and embark on challenging adventures with friends!

General Information

Developer - Blankhans

Publisher - Blankhans

Genre - Early Access, Sandbox, PvE, Multiplayer, Action-Adventure, Building, Action

Platform(s) - PC ( Steam )

Date Released - 18 Jul, 2023

Available On


A social survival game set in the open world of Ultracore. Build, grow and defend your town. Survive the elements and Sorgoth’s onslaught. Cooperate as you go on adventures to loot, gather resources, and make history. All of it together with friends old and new.

In "Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore," you will find yourself immersed in the fantastical realm of Tormentosia, a land torn apart by unending conflicts between different races.

The devastating invasion of Sorgoth the Devourer has left the world on the brink of destruction. As one of the Coreborn, inheriting this shattered world, your mission is clear: Reclaim what was lost, rebuild what was broken, and restore hope to the lands.

Key Features:

Create Your Thriving Home: Form a strong bond with your friends as you build and defend your town against the malevolent forces of Sorgoth. Survive relentless assaults and never let your guard down.

Choose Your Path: Specialize your character through Coreborn's skill system, activating powerful perks that enhance your abilities. Unlock recipes to craft essential items and gear, making you and your friends stronger together.

Unleash Your Creativity: Unlock various building sets and design your unique home town, where you and your friends can thrive day in and out.

Gather Resources and Fortify Defenses: Gather essential resources to bolster your defenses against the relentless waves of Sorgoth's minions. Team up with friends to yield even greater rewards.

Pursue the Rarest Items: Venture into the diverse world of Tormentosia and optimize your gear with uncommon, rare, and epic items to grow stronger.

Global Cooperation: Travel to Coreheim and meet players from around the world. Engage in trade, share resources, find companions for epic adventures, and enjoy seasonal events together.

Become a Respected Community Member: Master various professions, lend a helping hand to others, and earn a reputation as an essential and valued member of your community.

Unravel Tormentosia's Lore: The more you explore, the deeper the secrets you'll uncover about this fascinating land. Discover hidden lore sights with unique enemies and resources, piecing together the history of Tormentosia.

Prepare for Challenging Adventures:

Join forces with other adventurers in thrilling PvE online play to reclaim the land from Sorgoth's forces. Cooperate, gather loot, and craft new armor and weapons to tackle the land's many challenges and earn valuable prizes.

Experience the Open World of Ultracore:

Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore offers a social survival experience like no other. Build, grow, and defend your town against all odds. Survive the harsh elements and fend off Sorgoth's relentless onslaught. Team up with friends, old and new, as you embark on adventures, gather resources, and create a legacy together.

Discover Even More:

Forge bonds with friends from diverse nations, utilizing synergies in combat to gain an edge. Unearth hidden lore sights with special enemies and resources, expanding your understanding of Tormentosia's history. Face the elements, endure the harsh environment, and evolve in your chosen profession, becoming an indispensable part of your town's vibrant community. The destiny of Tormentosia lies in your hands and the camaraderie you build with fellow Coreborn.

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