Craftomation 101 by Unleash the Power of Programming & Craft on a Frozen Planet

Embark on an epic journey with Craftomation 101 – the groundbreaking game by Land on a frozen planet, harness the power of programming, and craft a world of possibilities. Harvest materials, utilize visual programming for tiny robots, and build a self-sustaining robot workforce to terraform the planet. Explore the frozen expanse, script your own destiny, and transform the inhospitable into the extraordinary.

General Information

Developer -

Publisher -

Genre - Education, Sandbox, Puzzle, Automation, Crafting, Programming, Robots

Platform(s) - Steam (PC)

Date Released - 19 Feb, 2024

You land on a frozen planet in a tiny rocket with a robot inside. Harvest and combine materials to discover new ones. Use visual programming to make the robot do the tiresome work for you. Slowly build a gang of self-sustaining robot workers and watch them terraform the planet.

Craftomation 101, the latest creation from

Craftomation 101 invites you to dive into a world of craft and programming. Unveil the tempting features that await you:

Tiny Robots:

Discover the charm of tiny robots, your key to automation and crafting.

Visual Programming (for Tiny Robots):

Master the art of visual programming to script the actions of your tiny robotic companions.

Crafting (Performed by Tiny Robots):

Witness the magic of crafting as your tiny robots bring your creations to life.

A Rocket (Carrying One Tiny Robot):

Begin your adventure on a frozen planet with a tiny rocket carrying a robot with a big mission.

Story :

Immerse yourself in a captivating narrative that unfolds as you embark on the quest to make a frozen planet habitable.

A Frozen Planet to Terraform:

Challenge yourself with the task of transforming a frozen wasteland into a thriving habitat.

Land on a frozen planet with a mission spanning over 9000 years. Harvest resources, craft tools, melt ice, and plant trees to make the planet habitable. Alternatively, unleash the power of CraftoMate – tiny robots scripted with visual programming.

Assemble and upgrade them with surrounding materials, and program them to harvest, craft, and become a sustainable workforce capable of terraforming the entire planet. Just remember to feed them occasionally, unless you program them to do it themselves. Craft your destiny in Craftomation 101!

craftomation-101-programming-and-craft craftomation-101-programming-and-craft craftomation-101-programming-and-craft

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