CRASH TEST IDIOTS 2: Multiplayer Mayhem in the Ultimate Driving Destruction Game

Dive into the chaos with CRASH TEST IDIOTS 2, a multiplayer driving game by Archor Wright. Join forces with your Steam friends to crash test every car in the city, utilizing a realistic soft-body physics engine for true-to-life destruction. Collaborate to achieve the highest score, navigate through traps, and perform daring stunts. Experience advanced drivable car systems, fire damage, explosions, and a variety of vehicles. Play online or single-player, unleashing mayhem on the streets. Are you ready to be the top CRASH TEST IDIOT?

General Information

Developer - Archor Wright

Publisher - Archor Wright

Genre - Racing, Automobile Sim, Combat Racing, 3D, Vehicular Combat,Co-op, Online Co-Op

Platform(s) - PC(Steam)

Date Released - 14 Dec, 2023

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CRASH TEST IDIOTS 2 (MULTIPLAYER) - You and Your Steam Friends must Destroy every car in the city.

Realistic Driving Destruction

CRASH TEST IDIOTS 2 brings realism to driving destruction. The soft-body physics engine meticulously simulates every component of a vehicle in real-time, resulting in authentic behavior. With a focus on design, research, and experience, the game authentically recreates the excitement of Crash Test Driving. Your mission? Completely destroy ALL the cars in the city.

Multiplayer Mayhem

Invite your Steam friends and embark on a multiplayer mayhem adventure. Work together to crash test every car, collaborating to achieve the highest score. The game offers full multiplayer support, providing a thrilling experience as you unleash chaos on the streets. Note: Stable and fast internet connection recommended for optimal results.

Thrilling Variety of Vehicles:

Choose from several car types, including Sedan, SUV, Hatchback, SuperCar, and Motorcycles, each with a plethora of different paint jobs. Experience intensive driving scenarios, including drifts, damage, deformation, and more. Fire damage, full car explosions, and a flat tire feature add layers of excitement. Test your skills in different vehicles and see if you can become the top 'CRASH TEST IDIOT.'

Dynamic Gameplay Features:

CRASH TEST IDIOTS 2 offers a dynamic range of features for a thrilling gaming experience. Activate Bullet-Time camera effects, accessible only by the host but affecting all players, to witness every detail of the destruction. Navigate through a city filled with traps that can destroy your car, and discover fun ramps and stunts to try out. Can you outsmart the chaos and be the ultimate 'CRASH TEST IDIOT'?

Advanced Drivable Car System:

Experience an advanced drivable car system that includes realistic physics, damage and deformation, drift mechanics, passenger systems, and automatic transmission. Breakable pieces, flat tires, and character ragdoll effects contribute to the immersive driving experience. Toggleable lights, camera zoom and orbit options, smoke and dust particle systems, and surface impact dynamics add depth to the gameplay.

City-Scale Mayhem:

The city is under attack by Crazy Clowns! Mow down these chaotic foes while navigating through a city with procedurally damaged car paint and toggleable lights (and sirens). Encounter police cars, taxis, and even explore the interiors of some buildings for hidden surprises. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping, mayhem-filled ride.

Easter Eggs and Surprises:

With a city under siege, explore every nook and cranny for potential 'Easter Eggs' and hidden surprises. Some buildings have interiors waiting to be explored, adding an element of discovery to the chaotic driving experience. Uncover secrets as you navigate through the city's various challenges.

Unleash Destruction in Single or Multiplayer:

Whether you prefer solo chaos or collaborative mayhem, CRASH TEST IDIOTS 2 caters to your playstyle. Enjoy the game in single-player mode or invite your Steam friends for a multiplayer adventure. Navigate the city, unleash destruction, and compete to be the top 'CRASH TEST IDIOT' in this action-packed driving game.

Note to Players:

Gear up for an exhilarating experience, but ensure a stable and fast internet connection for the best multiplayer results. CRASH TEST IDIOTS 2 promises hours of addictive gameplay, combining realism, chaos, and multiplayer fun in the ultimate driving destruction game.

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