Creature Lab: Become a Mad Scientist in this Unique FPP Simulator

Embark on a mad scientist's journey in Creature Lab, a unique first-person perspective simulator. Conduct crazy experiments, mix mutagens, breed abominable creatures, and attach monstrous body parts. Manage your resources, plan strategic raids, and keep your hideout safe. Explore a city map, discover elixirs, assemble your mutant army, and fulfill dark web commissions. Available now on Steam!

General Information

Developer - Image Power S.A.

Publisher - Image Power S.A., HeartBeat Games

Genre -Horror, Simulation, Indie, First-Person, Character Customization, Creature Collector, Supernatural

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 14 Jun, 2023

Available On


Become a mad scientist! Conduct crazy experiments, mix mutagens, breed abominable creatures, and attach monstrous body parts to them. Manage your inventory, expand your lab, and make sure your hideout is safe. Send your creations into the city to obtain salvage and test subjects!

Welcome to Creature Lab, the ultimate playground for aspiring mad scientists!

In this one-of-a-kind first-person perspective simulator, you will dive into a world of eccentricity, where you have the power to conduct mind-bending experiments and shape monstrous abominations.

As the mad scientist, the fate of your twisted creations lies in your hands. Carefully manage your resources, which include bodies, chemical substances, limbs, and mutants, to ensure the smooth progression of your conquest. Plot your next moves using the informative city map, which provides crucial insights into military activity, substance availability, and districts with special buildings.

But beware, dear scientist, for planning raids on the city requires strategic finesse. Different objectives await your insidious plans, and encounters with the military demand your tactical prowess. Discover countless elixirs and mutagens, allowing you to name them like a true pioneer in the field.

Building an army of mutants is your ultimate goal, and it's not just about stitching body parts together. Enhance your creations, attaching different limbs to grant them unique and devastating abilities. Be mindful of the panic meter and investigation meters as you safeguard your hideout from prying eyes.

To gain additional resources and tokens, take on special commissions from the Dark Web. Deliver the goods to shady organizations, boosting your capabilities and influence. Tokens hold the key to unlocking one-time buffs and district-wide effects, granting you an edge in your pursuit of dominance.

Step into the shoes of a mad scientist in Creature Lab and let your genius, fueled by disappointment and anger, reign supreme. After years of ignored research and unimpressed peers, it's time to make them pay. Establish your hideout, conduct crazy experiments, mix mutagens, grow DNA-based body parts, and attach them to your eager test subjects. Expand your lab, manage your inventory, and ensure your hideout remains secure.

Venture into the city with your sick creations, seizing salvage and testing new subjects to further your twisted experiments. Are you ready to embrace the madness and reshape the world according to your wicked desires? Unleash your scientific prowess and immerse yourself in the darkly thrilling world of Creature Lab. Available now on Steam, this game will push the boundaries of your sanity and leave an indelible mark on the realm of mad science!

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