Death Noodle Delivery: Survive the Cyberpunk Chaos in This Action-Packed Adventure!

Embark on your first day at Death Noodle Delivery Inc. and ride your hoverboard through a cyberpunk dystopia. Deliver noodles, hack your hoverboard, and uncover the city's dark secrets. Can you survive the chaos?

General Information

Developer - Stupidi Pixel, Tiny Pixel

Publisher - Troglobytes Games

Genre - Isometric, Action, Satire, Artificial Intelligence, Adventure, Cyberpunk, Atmospheric

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 4 Apr, 2024

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It's your first day of work for Death Noodle Delivery Inc. Ride your hoverboard and try to survive in a cyberpunk world on the brink of collapse. Deliver the noodles, hack the hoverboard and build cat bombs. You may find that this world hides a filthy secret.

Welcome to the chaotic world of death-noodle-delivery

Welcome to Death Noodle Delivery Inc., where your first day on the job is anything but ordinary. As Jimmy, your mission is clear: deliver noodles without fail, navigate the treacherous cyberpunk cityscape, and above all, stay alive. In this fast-paced action delivery game, you'll ride your trusty hoverboard through the neon-lit streets, dodging AI drones, reckless drivers, and other hazards that threaten your survival.

But delivering noodles is just the beginning. Upgrade your hoverboard from a basic mode of transportation to a formidable weapon, capable of hacking AI systems and unleashing explosive cat bombs. With each upgrade, you'll gain new abilities that will aid you in your quest to survive the chaos of this dystopian world.

As you explore the city and interact with its inhabitants, you'll uncover hidden secrets and unravel the dark mysteries lurking beneath the surface. From dirty stories to hidden hacks, there's more to this world than meets the eye. But beware: the truth may be more dangerous than you ever imagined.

To prepare for the challenges ahead, utilize AI simulations to test your hoverboard's capabilities before putting them to the test in the real world. This trial-and-error approach could mean the difference between life and death in this unforgiving cyberpunk landscape.

Are you ready to take on the role of a Death Noodle Delivery driver and uncover the secrets of this dystopian world? Strap in, rev up your hoverboard, and get ready for a thrilling adventure unlike any other.

death-noodle-delivery death-noodle-delivery death-noodle-delivery

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