Survive and Escape in Dig or Die - Build, Defend, and Conquer a Hostile Planet

Experience Dig or Die by Gaddy Games: Build defenses, craft tools, and survive on a merciless planet. Explore unique modes, face intelligent monsters, and escape with strategic gameplay!

General Information

Developer - Gaddy Games

Publisher - BlitWorks Games

Genre - Survival, Open World Survival Craft, Sandbox, Crafting, 2D, Open World, Indie

Platform(s) - Steam / Xbox / PlayStation

Date Released - 5th June 2024

Welcome to the brutal world of Dig or Die, a game by Gaddy Games where survival is not just a goal, but a necessity.

You've crash-landed on an unforgiving planet, and the only way out is to build the strongest defenses against relentless threats. But beware – this planet won't show mercy.

Every structure you build is subject to the laws of physics, and one wrong move could lead to catastrophic floods or total destruction. Are you smart and strong enough to withstand the challenges? Watch now and find out if you have what it takes to survive and escape!

Dive into the thrilling world of Dig or Die

A game by Gaddy Games where survival on a hostile planet is your primary mission. After crash-landing, you must build the strongest defenses using local resources and automated fabrication tools to fend off relentless threats.

The planet is unforgiving, demanding strategic building and smart defenses to survive. Here's what makes Dig or Die an unforgettable experience:

Game Features

Explore, Fight, Craft, and Build:

Strategy and Defense:

Survive nightly massive attacks by building robust walls and placing turrets wisely.

Physics-Based Building:

Construct with care to prevent collapses, crucial for defending your base and accessing remote areas.

Dynamic Water Cycle:

Navigate rain, infiltration, and rising water levels. Heavy rains can cause sudden floods, challenging your survival skills.

Innovative Gameplay Modes:

Classic and Custom Modes:

Enjoy solo or multiplayer co-op, or challenge yourself with modes like Under the Sea, Sky World, and Base Defense.

Hazardous Events:

Trigger events like Meteor Showers, Rain Floods, Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions, and Sharkstorms for unpredictable gameplay.

Creative Mode:

Produce items for free, including tools to modify terrain and create water and lava.

Strategic Survival:

Fast-Paced Fun:

Avoid slow digging; focus on exploration, fights, and strategic planning.

Ultimate Objective:

Build a rocket ship to escape the planet.

Resource Management:

Gather resources to craft defenses and survive massive nightly attacks.

Intelligent Combat:

Sci-Fi Battles:

Engage in fast and fun laser gun fights against intelligent monsters that find the best paths to attack your defenses.

Difficulty Progression:

Face monsters you've previously defeated, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

AI Companion:

Build a drone for your AI companion to get useful advice and combat assistance.

World Simulation:

Real-Time Environment:

Experience a huge world with real-time simulation of physics, water cycle, and lighting.

Electricity Management:

Build solar panels and hydroelectric generators to power advanced base items.

Dynamic Plant Growth:

Create farms with artificial sun lamps and irrigation to support plant growth.

Procedurally Generated World:

Enjoy unique playthroughs with specific major areas for logical progression and unique surface and cavern layouts.

Crafting and Building:

Efficient Crafting:

Quickly dig minerals, harvest plants, and kill monsters to craft items. Infinite inventory space and displayed recipes ensure you spend time on strategic planning rather than grinding.

Fortress Construction:

Build a fortress with turrets, strong walls, and useful machines inspired by the atmospheres of Starship Troopers and Aliens movies.

Experience the challenge and excitement of Dig or Die, where every decision matters for your survival and ultimate escape from a merciless planet.

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