Digs by Catchy: A Unique Roguelike Tower Defense Adventure

Embark on a digging adventure like no other with "Digs" by Catchy. Protect precious diamonds from pesky "digs" in this exciting roguelike tower defense game. Customize your defenses with unique cards, explore procedurally generated mines, and face challenging enemies and bosses.

General Information

Developer - Catchy

Publisher - Catchy

Genre - Action, Adventure

Platform(s) - Early Access, Tower Defense, Real Time Tactics, Strategy, Roguelike, Roguelike Deckbuilder, Procedural Generation

Date Released - 31 Jul, 2023

Available On

Steam Games

Defend your valuable chest in randomly generated maps with various towers, traps and obstacles to modify the path that the enemies must follow in "Digs", the ultimate rogue-like tower defense game. Experience unique mechanics, upgrade your defenses and face off against challenging enemies

Join Warf in "Digs," a captivating and challenging roguelike tower defense game brought to you by Catchy Games, an experienced eight-member game studio.

In this unique adventure, Warf's diamond-collecting ventures are hindered by the mischievous "digs" lurking in dangerous mines. Your task is to defend Warf's precious chest from waves of enemies on randomly generated maps.

Prepare yourself for endless possibilities as you strategically dig through the mine and strategically place towers, traps, and obstacles to thwart the relentless attacks of the "digs." Each stone block holds valuable rewards, including towers, power-ups, and more. Utilize cards earned at the beginning of each wave to customize and upgrade your towers, granting you the edge you need to conquer enemies and advance to the next level.

The early access version of "Digs" offers ten thrilling levels, each with its unique challenges and enemies. However, the full game, scheduled for release in June 2023, promises even more excitement with dozens of different towers, each possessing unique abilities to crush enemies effectively.

Explore over 20 levels set in various mine types, ensuring that each playthrough feels fresh and unpredictable. Encounter numerous distinct enemies and challenging bosses, each with their strengths, behaviors, and weaknesses, keeping you on your toes throughout the adventure.

The game's procedural maps guarantee that no two levels are alike, offering high replayability. Additionally, permanent upgrades will aid you in later stages, ensuring that you are well-equipped to face whatever challenges come your way.

Immerse yourself in the stylized world of "Digs," where tactical possibilities abound with dynamic path generation, powerful synergies, and combos among the 20+ towers at your disposal. With a variety of enemy types, levels, and special mechanics, "Digs" promises a thrilling and engaging experience for players seeking a fresh take on the tower defense genre.

Catchy Games, an established game studio with a track record of successful mobile games, is now venturing into the premium PC game market with "Digs." Their vision is to create enjoyable game brands that resonate with players across different platforms, and "Digs" is their first step towards delivering a unique and entertaining experience to players worldwide.

Are you ready to embark on a digging adventure filled with strategic challenges, powerful defenses, and the quest for precious diamonds? Step into the world of "Digs" and make your mark as a defender of precious treasures!

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