Disco Simulator: Build, Manage, and Party Your Way to Club Stardom!

Dive into the ultimate club management experience with Disco Simulator by Games Incubator and PlayWay S.A. Create your dream club, choose unique managers, care for customers, organize epic events, and develop every aspect of your venue. Unleash the nightlife and become the talk of the town!

General Information

Developer - Games Incubator

Publisher - Games Incubator, PlayWay S.A.

Genre - Simulation, Management, Casual, Music, Indie, Economy, Atmospheric

Platform(s) - Steam (PC)

Date Released - 5 Mar, 2024

Disco Simulator is a tycoon type game based on club management. Your task will be to set up the club from scratch, put up walls, arrange furniture, hire staff, plan events, invite artists, put on concerts. Create your own club!

Welcome to Disco Simulator

A groundbreaking tycoon game that puts you in the driver's seat of club management. Developed by Games Incubator and PlayWay S.A., this game is not just about setting up walls and arranging furniture; it's about creating your own club legend!

Select a Manager:

At the core of Disco Simulator is the freedom to choose your manager, each with unique skills influencing various aspects of club management. Your decision matters – whether it's boosting bartender efficiency, organizing mind-blowing concerts, or ensuring customer satisfaction. Your manager's skills shape the future success of your club!

Choose Your Club:

With a diverse selection of clubs, each presenting unique challenges and victory conditions, the game offers a strategic twist. Opt for a village, small town, or the bustling city center – the choice is yours. Step into the club legend scene and face the challenges that come with your chosen venue!

Care for Your Customers:

In Disco Simulator, success hinges on customer satisfaction. Attend to individual needs, from elegant drinks in stylish glasses to non-stop dance parties. React to unexpected challenges – spilled drinks, clogged toilets, or rowdy customers. Keep your patrons happy, and they'll turn into your club's biggest advocates, boosting your reputation!

Organize Events:

The party is ready, and it's time to shine! Organize spectacular concerts featuring bands and DJs to elevate your club's recognition. Invite stars to the stage, drawing crowds and boosting your earnings. Experience the excitement of making your parties the talk of the town and solidify your club's place in the nightlife scene!

Develop Your Club:

Club development is the key to reaching the pinnacle of glory in Disco Simulator. Invest wisely in upgrades – from furniture and decorations to music equipment and lighting. Don't forget your staff; choose wisely and create events that will be remembered for years. Transform your club into a paradise for music and dance lovers, and let the rhythm of success guide your journey to the top!

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