EMPTY SHELL: A Dark Roguelite Survival Horror Game on Steam

Dive into the heart of darkness with EMPTY SHELL, a gripping roguelite survival horror experience developed by CC ARTS and Hyperstrange. Explore a sinister Japanese island facility, uncover its chilling secrets, and survive deadly encounters. Immerse yourself in VHS-inspired visuals and relentless tension. Are you ready to face the unknown?

General Information

Developer - CC ARTS

Publisher - Hyperstrange

Genre - Action Roguelike, Roguelite, Shooter, Action-Adventure, Roguelike, Top-Down, Horror

Platform(s) - PC

Date Released - 16 Oct, 2023

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EMPTY SHELL will throw you in a dark industrial environment, a secret facility on a Japanese island. Each volunteer has signed a contract for a "recovery operation" without being privy to too many details. A tense roguelite survival horror with a top down perspective.

A Terrifying Descent into the Unknown

In "EMPTY SHELL," the line between survival and horror blurs as you find yourself trapped in a desolate industrial facility on a mysterious Japanese island. As a volunteer for a vague "recovery operation," you're thrust into the unknown depths of this abandoned complex. The facility, long forgotten, holds dark secrets dating back to the 1950s, secrets that have led to catastrophic consequences. With each death, a new volunteer takes your place, facing the same horrors but armed with randomized starting equipment and a layout that changes with every attempt.

Survival in the Shadows

Navigate through chilling corridors and freezing rooms, each corner teeming with abominable creatures and unspeakable horrors. Puzzles, scattered logs, and documents offer glimpses into the facility's twisted past, urging you to piece together the puzzle of its downfall. Your perspective is top-down, engulfed in darkness, heightening the tension as you scavenge for weapons, ammo, and essential gadgets to bolster your chances of survival. Manage your inventory wisely, making room for vital resources and crucial items while being relentlessly pursued by a variety of relentless enemies.

A Unique Narrative Experience

"EMPTY SHELL" masterfully weaves its tale through a captivating blend of visuals and found-footage-inspired storytelling. The game's highly-stylized VHS-inspired art style immerses you in an atmosphere of dread, making each discovery and encounter pulse with tension. The narrative unfolds in a Hades-like fashion, presenting fresh challenges and changing layouts with every run. Every message and item found scattered across the facility reveals fragments of the truth, ensuring that your exploration is met with relentless uncertainty and fear.

Witness the Unseen, Face the Unthinkable

Prepare yourself for a relentless and immersive fear that seeps from every corner of the facility. Uncover the enigmatic and suspenseful narrative, piecing together the conspiracy-covered secrets hidden within the derelict labs. Your every step is shrouded in dread, making each moment a test of your nerve and survival skills. Are you prepared to delve into the abyss, face the unknown, and confront the horrors that lurk within "EMPTY SHELL"?

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