Estate Agent Simulator: Real Estate Market Game by Kiki Games

Dive into the bustling real estate market with Estate Agent Simulator! Buy, decorate, advertise, and rent or sell properties. Navigate environmental factors influencing prices. Build dream houses, negotiate with clients, collect rents, and handle legal matters. Stay updated with city news, adapt to neighborhood changes, and explore city venues for entertainment and profit. Experience the thrill of the property business now!

General Information

Developer - Kiki Games

Publisher - Kiki Games

Genre - Simulation, Life Sim, Trading, FPS, Racing, City Builder, 3D Platformer

Platform(s) - PC (steam)

Date Released - 13 Nov, 2023

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Estate Agent Simulator lets you enter the exciting world of the real estate market. You can buy, decorate, advertise, rent or sell houses. You can buy vacant land and build houses. Environmental factors will affect the rental prices of houses.

Welcome to the Real Estate World

In "Estate Agent Simulator," you have the opportunity to step into the dynamic world of real estate. Become a savvy property investor, handling everything from buying and decorating houses to advertising and negotiating with clients. Whether you're renting out properties or selling them for a profit, the real estate market is yours to conquer.

Building Dreams from Scratch:

Vacant land isn't just empty space; it's a canvas for your dream houses. Purchase plots, envision your ideal homes, and watch as construction workers bring your visions to life. With the right properties and strategic design, you can increase their value and attract potential buyers or renters.

Master the Art of Negotiation:

Negotiation is key in the real estate business. Deal with a variety of clients, aiming for the best offers to maximize your profits. Build relationships with reputable clients and handle rent collections efficiently. However, not every tenant is reliable. Handle delinquent payments by exploring legal options, even if it means taking unconventional measures to ensure your income.

Stay Informed, Stay Ahead:

The city is constantly changing, and so are property prices. Stay updated with the latest news through newspapers, conversations with locals, or casual outings. New developments such as schools opening can affect rental prices, so adapt your strategies accordingly. Keep an eye on neighborhood factors to make informed decisions about your properties.

Balance Work and Leisure:

After a hard day's work, it's essential to unwind and strengthen your personal life. Enjoy your favorite movies, relax, and enhance your relationship with your partner. Balancing work commitments and personal life is crucial for success in both the real estate business and your own happiness.

Explore, Entertain, and Profit:

Dive into the city's vibrant entertainment scene. Discover various venues where you can not only have fun but also earn money simultaneously. Whether it's a night out at a club or a relaxing drink at a local bar, the city is filled with opportunities for both entertainment and profit. Explore these venues to enhance your social life and financial standing.

Drive Your Success:

Owning a van opens up new opportunities. Visit dealerships, purchase items, and increase the value of your rental properties. Just remember to bring your lorry along; some items can be quite heavy, and efficient transportation is key to ensuring your real estate ventures remain profitable.

Experience the Thrill of Real Estate:

Are you ready to navigate the twists and turns of the real estate market? "Estate Agent Simulator" offers a thrilling experience where strategic decisions, negotiation skills, and adaptability are your keys to success. Enter the exciting world of property management, where every choice you make shapes your empire. Start your real estate journey today!

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