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Tennis a video game on the Fairchild Channel F released in 1976

Tennis is one of the games built-in the Channel F system.

General Information

Developer - Fairchild

Publisher - Fairchild

Release - 1976

Platform(s) - The Fairchild Channel F

Number of Players - 2

Genre - sports

The game Tennis appears to be very similar Hockey, except the background on the screen is green, It has basically the same information description.

They say that is of course reminiscent of all pong games released earlier on dedicated systems.

This does again appear to be a limitation of the technology with many systems having only basic pong base styles. Being built in to the system is good for people who buy the system to start and have something to play.

There are interesting options, such as playing time length and game speed adjustment, the play-ability however is quite poor with jerky movements.