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Fairchild Channel F game Videocart 12 Baseball

Fairchild Channel F game Videocart 12 Baseball. Batter up! Or, uhm... Stick-Men Up!?! The game of baseball for your very own Fairchild Channel-F home videogame system.

General Information

Developer - Fairchild

Publisher - Fairchild

Release - 1977

Platform(s) - Fairchild Channel F

Number of Players - 2

Genre - Sports

Two players go head-to-head to see who is the King of the Diamond. One player takes to the field, the other grabs a bat and steps up to the plate. The pitcher can throw fast, slow, and some wicked curves even at the last moment. Luckily the single-button swing action makes hitting the ball fairly easy, even if getting a single is harder than hitting a double or home-run.