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Embark on a groundbreaking architectural adventure with "House Builder," a simulation game by PlayWay S.A and FreeMind S.A. Construct homes worldwide across different eras, test your skills with historical challenges, and collaborate with a global community. Immerse yourself in educational gameplay, learning about cultural and technological aspects while becoming a one-man construction crew. From mud huts in Africa to futuristic skyscrapers, every house is a unique journey through architectural evolution. Start building your legacy today!

General Information

Developer - FreeMind S.A.

Publisher - PlayWay S.A., FreeMind S.A.

Genre - Immersive Sim, 3D, Adventure, Design & Illustration, Destruction, Building, Education

Platform(s) - PC(Steam), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

Date Released - 15 Jan, 2024

Become a one-man construction crew! Travel around the world and through the ages to build iconic designs! Beware of unpleasant temperatures and dangerous fauna!

Welcome to House Builder

The extraordinary simulation game that transcends time and geography, allowing players to construct homes and structures across the globe's history. In this global architectural sandbox, players explore meticulously researched historical settings, witnessing the evolution of architectural styles, materials, and techniques.

Build Your Legacy

Become a one-man construction crew and build houses ranging from simple African mud huts to super modern architectural marvels. Explore various spots globally, experiencing true architectural variety. Learn new technologies as you discover construction techniques and materials, building houses brick by brick, from foundations to roof.

Unique Mechanics:

Use various tools and equipment depending on the situation. Improve your skills to build complex structures quickly and efficiently. Sometimes, demolition is necessary; clear your path and start anew!

About House Builder:

If building is your hobby, House Builder makes you a one-man construction crew! Select any place in the world, choose from diverse climates, and create everything from small sheds to exclusive mansions. Prove your cleverness by selecting the right materials, preventing glitches in construction. Your skill will improve over time, leading to more advanced and unique buildings that everyone will love.

Main Features:

Build Worldwide: Explore architectural styles globally and unleash your imagination in diverse locations.

Learn Technologies: Improve skills and expedite work with new technologies, ensuring advanced and efficient construction.

Demolish and Rebuild: Clean up and rebuild houses from scratch when necessary, ensuring perfection in every project.

Go Back in Time: Travel through historical periods, attempting to build iconic designs from different eras.

Diverse Climate: Face challenges of scorching and freezing temperatures, being aware of dangerous fauna. Start your construction journey and leave a lasting legacy with House Builder!

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