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So after a lot of trials and experiments the website works best if you just drop me an email on and we can establish the best outcome's that will help your project work or just add you to the website. My name is James Karalus. You can look me up online or on linkedin if you wish to research who I am.

I will make something special for your game or idea, if you do want to list a page on this website. In terms of cost, the minimum I ask is a copy of your game to play, not a demo a full version, we can also discuss options if this does not work for you, we will correspond over email and get things started up!

Email a message thought to and we can chat over email
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1. We will not sell or pass on any of your information ever with out your consent.

2. All correspondence between us and yourself or your company is confedential between VoxOdyssey and you.

3. We will not publish information about you or your idea without your consent. All the art and information we recieve remains copyright to you or the person(s) who created the idea.

4. If one day you do decided to leave your information will remain on the website until you ask us to remove it

We can discuss this further over email you are safe so the only worry is what your next project will be, you can focus on your game and I can help promote it, pretty simple really no stings attached I am just here to help.