I Am Your President by President Studio and PlayWay S.A.

Play as a fictional US president in this satirical narrative strategy! Lead Democrats or Republicans to make America great again. Again.

General Information

Developer -President Studio

Publisher - President Studio, PlayWay S.A.

Genre - Indie, Strategy, Casual, Management, Turn-Based Strategy, Text-Based, Choices Matter

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 27 Feb, 2023

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I Am Your President is a presidency simulator with a satirical twist where players step into the shoes of the most powerful man on the planet.

Congratulations, Mr. President, you have just won the elections! No pressure.

As you build the Cabinet of their most trusted allies, your enemies prepare to strike. World affairs and domestic turmoil aren’t the only obstacles players must face in presidential careers.

So get ready to rule and conquer, but watch out for the giant red button, as the silly countdown may just be the end of the world.

The country awaits your every decision and they may not like when you dilly dally on keeping your promises. So as a president, you don’t really have to care about their opinion. The only thing that matters is your vision for this country. This is your term, your choices,and your power to rule. Are you ready for the challenge? Grab a Steam key and begin your rule!

You are the Commander in Chief of the army and it is entirely up to you if you want to conquer the world, or abstain from violence. Remember – whether you send a group of soldiers on a secret mission or start a regular war – people will be watching your actions closely. Journalists, other politicians and leaders, justices, even common voters, they will all react to the situation.


You wish to start a war or maybe make peace? Take care of the poorest or support capitalists? Advocate for gun rights or stand against them? Support cats or maybe increase the dogs population? Everything is possible! Why, you may ask? Because you are President of the United States of America, that’s why.

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