Inspector Schmidt: A Bavarian Tale | Active Fungus Studios RPG Adventure

Step into the shoes of Valentin Schmidt, a medical student investigating murders in 1866 Bavaria. Use your detective skills to uncover dark secrets, engage villagers, and shape the outcome of this historical crime RPG by Active Fungus Studios.

General Information

Developer - Active Fungus Studios

Publisher - Active Fungus Studios

Genre - Singleplayer, Action-Adventure, RPG, Detective, Adventure, Conversation, Third Person

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 2 Feb, 2023

In a third-person RPG detective story, set in Bavaria in 1866, the medical student Valentin Schmidt travels to Wolpertshofen, when a sudden death causes turmoil in the village. Use your skills, find clues and question the villagers to stop the murders.

In Inspector Schmidt - A Bavarian Tale

Players are immersed in a gripping third-person RPG detective story set in the quaint yet treacherous village of Wolpertshofen in 1866 Bavaria. Developed by Active Fungus Studios, this game challenges you to navigate through a web of secrets, social tensions, and hostility as you seek to unravel the truth behind sudden deaths plaguing the village.

Key Features:

Historical Crime RPG: Immerse yourself in a meticulously crafted historical setting. Dynamic Decision-Making: Your choices influence the story's outcome and character relationships.

Authentic Voice Acting: Enjoy complete voice output in Bavarian and English, with subtitles available in both languages. Engaging Dialogue System: Lead intriguing conversations, gather information, and sway villagers to aid your investigation.

Skill Development: Customize your character's abilities and employ them strategically in skill checks reminiscent of classic pen-and-paper RPGs.

Detective Mechanics: Hunt for hidden clues and evidence to crack the case wide open.

Stealth and Combat: Choose between stealthy maneuvers to evade detection or engage in fist fights when necessary. Crafting System: Utilize found items to craft tools that enhance your skills and aid in challenging situations.

Will you solve the mystery through charm, diplomacy, brute force, or cunning stealth? With 11 different endings and approximately 10 hours of gameplay, 'Inspector Schmidt' offers a captivating adventure where every decision counts.

inspector-schmidt-a-bavarian-tale inspector-schmidt-a-bavarian-tale inspector-schmidt-a-bavarian-tale

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