Interton electronic video 2000

Interton electronic video 2000 German Game Console

This is the very rare system manufactured and released in 1975 by the German company Interton.

General Information

Gameroon tele pong

Developer - Club Exclusiv

Publisher - Club Exclusiv

Release - 1975

Platform - Interton Video 2000

Number of players - 1P / 2P

 Interton electronic video 2000

It is one of the earliest cartridge based systems sold in Europe.

Although systems like the Magnavox Odyssey were released a few years earlier, the Video 2000 was a very advanced system for its era. As dedicated PONG chips did not exist yet, CMOS chips were used instead. The system contains 14 CMOS chips that draw the basic graphic objects (players, central line and ball), and produce sound effects.

More complex games could be played because the cartridges could also produce additional graphic objects and configure the games by enabling the required graphics and by setting their size. They can also draw additional graphics like scoring. They also configure the game rules, for example the collision management, etc.

The Video 2000 powers automatically when a cartridge is inserted. A gray knob located near the cartridge slow can be used to tune the video signal, thus allowing fine-tuning on the system instead of the TV. Modern TV sets can easily catch the video signals with this clever feature (Philips Tele-Spiel systems also had this feature).

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