Lightyear Frontier: Explore, Farm, and Build with Friends in This Peaceful Open-World Adventure!

Discover a serene open-world farming adventure in Lightyear Frontier by FRAME BREAK, Amplifier Studios. Customize your mech, grow alien crops, and explore untamed wilderness with up to 3 friends!

General Information

Developer - FRAME BREAK, Amplifier Studios

Publisher - Amplifier Studios, FRAME BREAK

Genre - Early Access, Online Co-Op, Singleplayer, Farming Sim, Casual, Relaxing, Crafting

Platform(s) - Xbox Series X|S, Steam

Date Released - 19 Mar, 2024

Lightyear Frontier is a peaceful open-world farming adventure on a planet at the far edge of the galaxy. Climb into your versatile mech and start your new home on a distant planet with up to 3 friends as you farm alien crops, build your own homestead, and explore the untamed wilderness of the world.

Welcome to Lightyear Frontier

Where tranquility meets adventure! In this peaceful open-world farming escapade developed by FRAME BREAK and Amplifier Studios, players embark on an interstellar journey to a distant planet nestled at the far edge of the galaxy. Climb into your versatile mech and forge a new home alongside up to three friends, immersing yourselves in the joys of cultivating alien crops, constructing a sustainable homestead, and delving into the mysteries of uncharted wilderness.

Experience the serene ambiance of your newfound sanctuary, where the absence of combat and the soothing absence of needs like thirst and hunger allow you to fully embrace the pleasures of farming, exploration, and discovery. Set to a chill, atmospheric cosmic country soundtrack, your journey is accompanied by the harmonious melodies of the cosmos.

Customize your mech to suit your needs as you farm, build, and explore. With an array of tools and upgrades at your disposal, personalize your mechanical companion with various paint choices and parts, ensuring it reflects your unique style and functionality.

As stewards of this alien world, players must carefully manage their relationship with the ecosystem, restoring balance by cleaning pollution, clearing invasive weeds, and mitigating hazards. Embrace sustainable practices by replanting trees, watering fields, and fertilizing crops to ensure the longevity of your homestead.

Harvest a diverse array of crops and utilize them for trade, materials, or enhancing your homestead's infrastructure. From basic structures to retro-futuristic marvels, build the exofarm of your dreams, infusing it with personality through customizable color palettes and decorations.

Embark on thrilling expeditions into the wilderness, uncovering ancient secrets and deciphering clues with the aid of your trusty scanner satellite. Invite friends to join your journey, pooling resources to create the ultimate exofarm and basking in the shared satisfaction of a bountiful harvest.

With its blend of serene exploration, strategic farming, and cooperative camaraderie, Lightyear Frontier promises an unforgettable adventure in the vast reaches of space. Start your journey today and cultivate your own slice of cosmic paradise!

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