Retro Classic Magnavox Odyssey

Cat and Mouse on the Magnavox Odyssey game system

Cat and Mouse was included with the system. Released in 1972 A two player chase game played on a grid, with the mouse attempting to return to its house before the cat catches it.

General Information

Title - Cat and Mouse

Developer - Magnavox

Publisher - Magnavox

Genre - Puzzle

Release - 1972

Cat and Mouse on the Magnavox Odyssey game system

Can the clever mouse elude the cantankerous cat? A hilarious electronic addition game of hide and seek for two or more players. Play begins when one player counts aloud to three.

The MOUSE must get to his house without being caught by the CAT. The CAT, on the other hand, tries to catch the MOUSE as quickly as he can. Neither the CAT nor the MOUSE may enter the blue squares. If either player crosses a blue square, he must return immediately to his starting position (CAT or MOUSE figure) before continuing the chase.

The MOUSE light will be extinguished if caught by the CAT. Play is then stopped.