Retro Classic Magnavox Odyssey

Shootout! Is a magnavox video games released 1972

Sold with the light gun one player is a bandit in an Old West town.

General Information

Developer - Magnavox

Publisher - Magnavox

Release - 1972

Magnavox Odyssey shootout

The player moves along a path, stopping at windows for the other player to try to shoot with the light gun

Shootout is one of the 4 games available with the Shooting Gallery add-on. Three of the games use game cart #9 and the fourth uses #10. The add-on comes in its own box with a gun!

Shootout involves moving your little white square from window to window (starting at the upper left to the upper right, cross the street to the lower right then make your way to the lower left) while your friend, parent, spouse, offspring or other loved one tries to shoot you. The person playing the "outlaw" who sneaks from window to window, can't just zip through the window at a blinding speed. The "outlaw" has to stop in the window long enough to say "You'll never get me, Sheriff!" (also pronounced "yoollne'ergitmesherff!" when the outlaw is in a big hurry) during which speech the "sheriff", with the big gun, is given a realistic amount of time to try to shoot them. This IS a fun game!"