Medieval Crafter: Blacksmith Prologue – Master Blacksmithing in a Fantasy World!

Step into the world of blacksmithing with Medieval Crafter: Blacksmith Prologue. Extract ores, craft legendary weapons, and master forging in a vibrant medieval fantasy.

General Information

Developer - CubeCube Sports Ltd.

Publisher - CubeCube Sports Ltd.

Genre - RPG, Crafting, Medieval, Simulation, Inventory Management, Management, Dwarf

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 27 May, 2024

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Step into the shoes of a master blacksmith with "Medieval Crafter: Blacksmith Prologue" by CubeCube Sports Ltd. Immerse yourself in a vibrant fantasy world where your craftsmanship skills will be put to the ultimate test.

Extract precious ores, forge legendary weapons, and dominate the art of blacksmithing! Experience the thrill of creating epic gear and uncover the secrets of medieval craftsmanship. Are you ready to embark on this legendary journey? Download and play now to become the ultimate blacksmith!

Medieval Crafter: Blacksmith Prologue by CubeCube Sports Ltd.

Invites you to enter the core of craftsmanship and experience the life of a blacksmith in a realistic medieval castle. Discover the intriguing realm of blacksmithing as you extract precious ores, craft legendary weapons, and master the art of forging in a vibrant fantasy world.

In this prologue version, you'll gain essential knowledge about running your own blacksmith shop. Before you hit the anvil, engage with the king of the castle to gather the necessary information for your crafting journey. Explore the castle, mine valuable ores, and process them to craft the most legendary weapons to meet the needs of both civilians and soldiers.

Unveil the secrets of the forge by enchanting mystical artifacts and creating fabled weaponry. The civilians and soldiers of this medieval world depend on your skills as a blacksmith. Every swing of the hammer shapes your destiny in this immersive blacksmithing adventure.

Don't forget to wishlist the full game, Medieval Crafter: Blacksmith, to continue your ultimate blacksmith journey. In the full version, you can explore a fantastic world, mine even more valuable ores, craft legendary weapons, and become a master forger. Embark on this epic crafting adventure and make your mark as the greatest blacksmith in a realistic medieval world!

medieval-crafter-blacksmith-prologue medieval-crafter-blacksmith-prologue medieval-crafter-blacksmith-prologue

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