Mercenary Battle Company: The Reapers - Piloting Mecha Robots in a Bullet Hell Battle for Ether!

Join the intense battle against the Xeni in Mercenary Battle Company: The Reapers, a fast-paced sci-fi roguelite game by Black March Studios. Customize your Mecha Robots, choose unique pilots, and unleash an arsenal of weapons to survive the relentless onslaught. Explore the backstory, features, and unique gameplay mechanics of this adrenaline-pumping adventure!

General Information

Developer - Black March Studios

Publisher - Black March Studios

Genre - Action Roguelike, Bullet Hell, Shoot 'Em Up, Twin Stick Shooter, Top-Down Shooter, Roguelite, Mechs

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 9 May, 2024

Welcome to the adrenaline-fueled world of Mercenary Battle Company: The Reapers! Join us in the relentless pursuit of Ether as we dive into this fast-paced, roguelite bullet hell adventure set in a captivating sci-fi universe. Customize your Mecha Robots, choose your pilots wisely, and brace yourself for the onslaught of the relentless Xeni. Will you emerge victorious, or will you succumb to the chaos? Subscribe now for epic gameplay, tips, and tricks to conquer the battlefield!

Mercenary Battle Company: The Reapers

Invites you to immerse yourself in a thrilling sci-fi saga where the fate of civilization hangs in the balance. In this fast-paced roguelite adventure developed by Black March Studios, you'll take on the role of a skilled pilot tasked with controlling massive Mecha Robots to combat the relentless hordes of alien creatures known as the Xeni.

With a diverse array of pilots at your disposal, each offering unique abilities and weapons, you'll delve deep into the heart of the Xeni swarm, facing ever-increasing challenges and epic boss battles. Whether vaporizing foes with flamethrowers, disintegrating them with EMPs, or employing other devastating tactics, you'll need strategy and skill to survive.

Uncover the rich backstory behind the conflict as major corporations vie for control of Ether, the coveted fuel source essential for humanity's survival. As a member of the infamous Reaper Division, your mission is clear: exterminate the Xeni at any cost to ensure the safety of Ether mining operations.

Mercenary Battle Company: The Reapers offers a wealth of features to enhance your gaming experience. From the thrill of battling endless waves of Xeni to the satisfaction of crafting unique mech builds, every moment is packed with excitement and challenge. Take risks, reap rewards, and discover the true extent of your power as you navigate the perilous depths of the Xeni-infested galaxy.

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