Midnight Heist: Co-op Horror Game by MediaTale on Steam

Embark on thrilling heists in Midnight City, alone or with friends! Play as a hacker undertaking tasks for organizations, while evading a mysterious entity. Improve your reputation, customize your character, and explore captivating storylines in this unique co-op horror game.

General Information

Developer - MediaTale

Publisher - MediaTale

Genre - Early Access, Horror, Heist, Hacking, Psychological Horror, Action, Online Co-Op

Platform(s) - PC

Date Released - 25 Oct, 2023

Available On


Go on heists through Midnight City alone or with up to three friends to fulfill tasks as a hacker for various organizations. Improve your reputation, earn money and uncover the secrets of shady companies in this co-op horror game.

Welcome to Midnight City

A Hub of Secrets and Shadows. In Midnight Heist, dive into the heart of Midnight City, a metropolis shrouded in darkness and secrets. Assume the role of a budding hacker, entrusted with covert tasks for influential organizations. Whether you embark on these daring missions alone or team up with friends in this co-op horror game, the stakes are high, and the shadows hold more than just secrets.

Challenging Heists and Mysterious Forces

Prepare for adrenaline-pumping heists with dynamically changing events and unpredictable challenges. Navigate through a city rife with illegal activities, safes to crack, and crucial evidence to capture. However, beware of the enigmatic entity lurking in the shadows. It can hear your every move, see your every step, and adapts its behavior, adding a layer of suspense to every mission.

Tools of the Trade:

Equip yourself with specialized tools, including a mobile phone for hacking and photography, a tablet with an in-game guide and security camera monitoring capabilities, and a flashlight with a UV light function. Master the art of sneaking, hiding behind furniture, and utilizing your gadgets to outwit both security measures and the ominous entity haunting the city.

Unlock the Mysteries of Midnight City:

Delve into immersive special operations offered by three distinct organizations. These missions not only advance your story but also provide unique challenges and tasks. Uncover the intricate plotlines as you progress, adding depth to the Midnight City narrative.

Customization and Progression:

Earn experience points and level up your character, unlocking new abilities and enhancing your skills. Use the looted money to personalize your character from head to toe, immersing yourself fully in the game world. Discover an array of cosmetic options in an in-game store, allowing you to craft a character that suits your style.

The Enigmatic Black Market:

Explore the mysterious world of the Black Market, where special items acquired during your heists fluctuate in value every real day. Make strategic decisions to sell or hold onto these items, adding an element of real-time economy management to your gameplay experience.

A New Horizon in Horror Gaming:

Designed for horror enthusiasts and fans of games like Phasmophobia, Demonologist, Labyrinthine, and Boo Men, Midnight Heist introduces an innovative concept. It blends the thrill of hacking and thieving with the supernatural, creating a fresh and unparalleled gaming atmosphere. Experience a brand-new dimension in horror gaming, where hackers and thieves confront the unknown, inviting you to join them on this spine-chilling adventure.

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