Mines and Magic by Zolden Games: Master the Art of Multiplayer Tower Defense with Magical Abilities!

Dive into the enchanting realm of Mines and Magic, a groundbreaking multiplayer tower defense auto battler crafted by Zolden Games. Strategize with over 150 unique units, each wielding magical abilities, and combine their strengths for victorious battles. Unleash spells, manage resources, and upgrade your castle to defend against waves of enemies. Embark on a thrilling singleplayer campaign with 20 levels, and engage in intense 1v1 PvP battles with more modes on the horizon. Immerse yourself in a world where strategic economics meets epic magic, and become the master of Mines and Magic!

General Information

Developer - Zolden Games

Publisher - Zolden Games

Genre - Strategy, Tower Defense, Multiplayer, 3D, Fantasy, Magic, Economy

Platform(s) - PC(Steam)

Date Released - 9 Jul, 2018

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Multiplayer tower defense auto battler with economy. Combine unique abilities of your units. Expand territory and build mines to get resources. Find a balance between economy and army. Use spells to help your army. Relaxing, but challenging singleplayer campaign is available.

In Mines and Magic

Zolden Games introduces a dynamic multiplayer tower defense auto battler, revolutionizing the gaming experience. Immerse yourself in a world where strategic economics intertwines with magical warfare. With over 150 diverse units, each boasting unique abilities, players are challenged to combine their strengths for unparalleled victories.

Unleash the power of spells to bolster your army as you expand your territory, strategically building mines and farms to gather vital resources scattered across the map. The key to success lies in resource management, strategic thinking, and careful planning. Defend your castle at all costs, and in the event of a breach, upgrade it to repel waves of enemies.

The singleplayer campaign offers a riveting journey through 20 levels, each packed with 25-35 waves of enemies. Engage in intense 1v1 PvP battles, with the promise of 2v2 and 4v4 modes under development. Mines and Magic promises an immersive blend of fantasy gameplay, tactical prowess, and real-time strategy. Become the ultimate strategist and conquer the enchanting world of Mines and Magic today!

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