Monument by D-Games: Dive into Hardcore Classic FPS Action!

Experience the thrill of oldschool FPS gaming in Monument by D-Games! Engage in hardcore classic gameplay action, battling huge hordes of monsters amidst blood, horror, and endless fun. Each level offers a unique challenge as you strive to become the ultimate evil shooter. Play alongside your trusty arsenal of weapons - shotgun, machine gun, plasma gun, and homemade rifle. But beware, evil chickens, aliens, and spirits lurk in every corner. Utilize innovative features like the teleport gun, strafe jump, and donar station to survive in this dangerous world. Join the adventure now!

General Information

Developer - D-Games

Publisher - D-Games

Genre - Boomer Shooter, FPS, Retro, Shooter, Fast-Paced, Old School, Horror

Platform(s) - Steam

Date Released - 6 Jun, 2015

Welcome to Monument, the latest creation from D-Games! Dive into the heart-pounding world of oldschool FPS action, where hardcore gameplay meets monstrous hordes, blood-soaked battles, and spine-chilling horror. Each level is a unique challenge, pushing you to the limits as you strive to become the ultimate evil shooter. Are you ready to test your skills and survive in this dangerous world? Join the adrenaline-fueled fun of Monument now!

Monument, crafted by D-Games

Is a thrilling journey into the world of oldschool FPS gaming. Settle into the adrenaline-fueled action of hardcore classic gameplay, where monstrous hordes, blood-soaked battles, and spine-chilling horror await at every turn.

In Monument, no two levels are alike; each presents a unique challenge, ensuring a fresh experience with every playthrough. Arm yourself with an array of powerful weapons, including the shotgun, machine gun, plasma gun, and even a homemade rifle. These trusty companions will be essential as you navigate through the dangers of this perilous world.

But the enemies you face aren't your average adversaries. From evil chickens to menacing aliens and other malevolent spirits, you'll need to stay on your toes to survive. Thankfully, Monument offers innovative features to aid your quest for dominance.

The teleport gun grants you the ability to traverse the map with ease, providing strategic advantages in combat. Meanwhile, the strafe jump mechanic, reminiscent of Quake's defrag mode, allows for agile and dynamic movement, crucial for evading enemy attacks.

And when the battle takes its toll, the donar station becomes your lifeline, providing much-needed ammunition to replenish your health and keep you in the fight.

Are you ready to step into the shoes of the best evil shooter? Join the adventure in Monument and prove your prowess in this dangerous and thrilling world.

monument monument monument

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