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Experience the thrill of space city-building in Moons of Ardan by Pandora Technology. Lead the Axonauts on an uninhabited moon, managing resources, developing a society, and exploring a living planetary system. Balance citizens’ well-being, ecological challenges, and production chains. Explore moons and asteroids, establish trade routes, and build a wonder. Dive into a visually stunning, real-time planetary system. Available in early access on Steam and Epic Games Store. Play now!

General Information

Developer - Pandora Technology

Publisher - Pandora Technology

Genre - Early Access, City Builder, Colony Sim, Building, Space, Economy, Transportation

Platform(s) - PC (Steam),Epic Games Store PC

Date Released - 21 Oct, 2021

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Embark on a space city-building adventure in Moons of Ardan! Develop a thriving civilization in a real-time planetary system. Oversee production chains, cater to the needs of your axonauts, recover their lost technologies, and navigate resource transportation.

Embark on a Cosmic City-Building Adventure

In "Moons of Ardan," players are entrusted with the destiny of the Axonauts, a stranded civilization on a deserted moon. The objective is grand yet simple: construct a wonder by crafting a flourishing, multi-lunar space-faring society. But the path to success is filled with challenges, from managing resources and production chains to addressing the needs of the Axonauts while embracing the wonders and challenges of a living, simulated planetary system.

Master the Art of Resource Management and Ecology:

The game presents a unique blend of citizens’ well-being and resource management, all set within the dynamic backdrop of a simulated planetary system. Players must delicately balance the expanding population's needs with the moon's limited resources. Through strategic planning and meticulous resource management, players must oversee production chains, distribute resources, and tackle ecological challenges like pollution, ensuring the colony’s sustainability while fostering growth.

Explore a Living Planetary System:

Immerse yourself in the beauty of a real-time planetary system, featuring the majestic gas giant Ardan and its three habitable moons, along with four asteroids. Witness stunning spacecraft flybys and the mesmerizing rise of planets on the horizon, showcasing the evolution of your settlements. As the game progresses, delve into other moons and establish vital trade routes, transferring essential resources between settlements to maintain their seamless operation.

Unleash Your Creativity with Organic City-Building:

Moons of Ardan offers a gridless and organic city-building system, allowing players to design and construct settlements in a way that aligns with their unique playstyle. Tailor your colonies to your vision, creating efficient layouts and optimizing production chains. The game's flexible energy management system challenges players to strategize their production chains while encouraging creativity in colony designs.

Experience a Rich Tapestry of Features:

Population Progression:

Witness the development of your civilization through four tiers of population progression.

Resource Variety:

Manage over 45 different resources, each posing a unique challenge to your managerial skills.

Diverse Buildings:

Construct and upgrade over 60 distinct buildings, each with specific functions and benefits.

Challenging Production Chains:

Test your resource management abilities with intricate production chains, requiring optimization and strategic thinking.

Energy Management:

Fine-tune your production chains with a flexible energy management system, offering increased control over your settlements.

Pollution Dynamics:

Balance growth with environmental preservation, navigating the dynamic pollution system that adds both aesthetic and gameplay challenges.

A Soundtrack and Tutorial System for Immersive Gameplay:

Immerse yourself deeper with a captivating original soundtrack by Christophe Hubermont, enhancing the game’s immersive experience. Additionally, Moons of Ardan features a comprehensive tutorial system, making the game accessible to players new to the city-building genre, ensuring everyone can partake in this cosmic adventure.

Play at Your Pace and Dive into Early Access:

The game offers a flexible gameplay pace, allowing players to enjoy the game at their speed or even pause to meticulously plan their expansion strategies. Moons of Ardan is currently available in early access on Steam and Epic Games Store, inviting players to join this cosmic odyssey. Experience the thrill of space city-building, navigate ecological challenges, and craft a celestial wonder in Moons of Ardan by Pandora Technology.

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