Neon Noodles: Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation | Uncover the Dark Secrets

Step into a cyberpunk future with Neon Noodles - a thrilling game of kitchen automation and corporate intrigue. Automate robot chefs, solve intricate puzzles, and immerse yourself in a gripping story. Will you rise against corporate greed? Play now on Steam.

General Information

Developer - Vivid Helix

Publisher - Vivid Helix

Genre - Automation, Cooking, Cyberpunk, Robots, Programming, Simulation, Logic

Platform(s) - Steam ( PC )

Date Released - 3 Aug, 2023

Available On

Steam Games

In a future where food is the ultimate symbol of status, you are a recipe automation technician for a ruthless aristocracy. Create, test and optimize your culinary machines in this deliciously dark zach-like!

Welcome to the world of "Neon Noodles," a mesmerizing blend of automation, culinary creativity, and a gripping cyberpunk narrative.

Developed by Vivid Helix, this game invites you to step into a dark and dangerous future where food is a symbol of wealth and power. Now available on Steam, "Neon Noodles" is your chance to uncover the truth, challenge corporate oppression, and rise as a culinary maestro.

Craft Your Culinary Empire

In a world where food divides society, the Aristocracy feasts on the luxurious offerings of Neon Noodles while the rest beg for scraps. As a nameless individual, your life is monotonous until a mysterious message reveals your forgotten past. Your journey unfolds as you take part in a daring heist to reclaim control of Neon Noodles and rewrite your legacy. Craft intricate automations, unlock memories, and challenge the oppressive hierarchy that controls the future.

Challenge-Packed Gameplay

"Neon Noodles" draws inspiration from the open-ended machine-building puzzle games of Zachtronics. With an intuitive record-and-replay system, you can automate your robot chefs to perfection. Design elaborate automations using everything from programmable robot chefs to teleport stations. Dive into a world of endless replayable puzzles, featuring 250 recipes from around the world and 400 unique ingredients. From Jollof rice to Spaetzle, every dish becomes a strategic puzzle to solve.

Immersive Cyberpunk Story

Immerse yourself in a cyberpunk narrative where corporate greed runs rampant, and food becomes a luxury only a few can afford. Rise through the ranks of Neon Noodles Corporation, confront treacherous secrets, and unveil the dark truths behind the powerful conglomerate. Will you unravel the mysteries and pry humanity's future from the clutches of oppression?

Global Leaderboards and Competition

Compete against players worldwide as you compare your culinary automations on the global leaderboards. Prove your skills, optimize your strategies, and challenge others to match your culinary prowess.

"Neon Noodles" isn't just a game; it's an invitation to revolutionize a cyberpunk world through automation, strategy, and a thrilling storyline. Dive into this unique experience, where your creativity and wit will shape the future. As Radu Muresan, the founder and solo developer of Vivid Helix, states, "Neon Noodles is a hypnotizing blend of my favorite things: cooking, automation, and vivid sci-fi stories." Don't miss out on a puzzle game that offers both challenge and immersion – it's time to rewrite the corporate narrative and create your culinary legacy. Play "Neon Noodles" on Steam now.

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