Obenseuer: Urban Survival RPG | Explore 'Open Sewer,' Manage Tenements, and Uncover Dark Secrets

Dive into the gritty world of Obenseuer, an urban survival RPG by Loiste Interactive. Navigate the chaos of the infamous 'Open Sewer,' manage tenements, cope with societal challenges, and unravel dark secrets. Upgrade your property, farm, and engage in questionable activities to survive in this immersive exploration of the social fabric.

General Information

Developer - Loiste Interactive

Publisher - Loiste Interactive

Genre - Indie, RPG, Strategy RPG, Early Access, Survival, Adventure, Management

Platform(s) - PC ( Steam )

Date Released - 11 Dec, 2018

Available On


Obenseuer is an urban survival RPG game, where you become a property manager of a rundown unfinished tenement building, in an isolated quarantine district of Obenseuer. Maintain and upgrade your tenement for rent, uncover the secrets of this infamous district and grow your wealth.

Survival in 'Open Sewer'

Embark on a challenging journey in Obenseuer, a city's rundown district nicknamed 'Open Sewer.' As a part of the undesirable rabble, you must navigate the mayhem imposed by the city's bureaucracy. Struggle with needs, addictions, and depression while surviving in distinct zones like Bazaar, Residential, Swamp, and Mines.

Social and Economic Exploration:

Unlike its predecessor, INFRA, Obenseuer takes a different perspective, focusing on the social and economic fabric of the society within the notorious district. Through gameplay, players not only get entertained but also gain insights into the daily lives and challenges faced by the inhabitants of this urban environment.

Property Management RPG:

Assume the role of a property manager in an unfinished tenement building within the isolated quarantine district of Obenseuer. Upgrade and maintain the building, lease apartments to quirky inhabitants, and delve into the secrets of the infamous district. Grow your wealth by dealing with bureaucracy, local merchants, and engaging in various activities.

Quirky District Zones:

Explore diverse district zones such as Bazaar, Residential, Swamp, and Mines, each with its unique functions and challenges. From dealing and renting to farming and manufacturing, engage in a variety of activities to survive and thrive in this gritty urban environment.

Unique Features and Activities:

Landlord Ventures: Due to a clerical error, you become the landlord of a run-down tenement. Upgrade, maintain, and lease apartments for the quirky inhabitants of Obenseuer.

Decorate and Equip: Personalize your apartment, equip your workshop, and turn barren rooms into cozy spaces. Craft furnishing and manufacturing tools to build your empire.

Agricultural Endeavors: Despite the challenging environment, practice agriculture by farming turnips and potatoes. Convert your harvest into profit and discover unique reasons for your presence in Obenseuer.

Dark Secrets and Quests: Uncover the mysteries of Obenseuer by completing tasks and quests for its weird and quirky inhabitants. Dive into the underground and discover the dark secrets lurking beneath the surface.

The Art of Crime: In Obenseuer, rules are meant to be broken. Engage in questionable activities like stealing, sabotage, and break-ins. Navigate the chaos, but be cautious—the local militia's jail is not a pleasant place if you get caught.

Obenseuer is more than a game; it's an exploration of societal challenges, survival, and the gritty urban landscape. As you manage tenements, uncover dark secrets, and engage in unique activities, Obenseuer offers an immersive RPG experience that combines strategy, exploration, and the thrill of urban survival.

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