Offroad Mechanic Simulator: Modify & Conquer Offroad Vehicles in Breathtaking Adventures!

Experience the thrill of Offroad Mechanic Simulator, a new installment in the 'mechanic simulator' series. Service and modify classic off-road vehicles, equip them with powerful parts, and take on daunting offroad challenges. Embark on a single-player campaign, drive through perilous terrain, and enjoy photorealistic graphics. Get ready to create offroad monsters capable of conquering any obstacle!

General Information

Developer - Image Power S.A., GameFormatic S.A.

Publisher - Image Power S.A., PlayWay S.A., HeartBeat Games

Genre - Automobile Sim, Offroad, Driving, Simulation, Exploration, Action-Adventure, Nature

Platform(s) - PC ( Steam )

Date Released - 24th Jul 2023

Available On


Service off-road vehicles and take them for a drive! Offroad Mechanic Simulator lets you modify many classic off-road vehicles and prepare them for daunting tasks that no normal car could ever hope to complete. Test your work and climb steep cliffs or drive through rivers and deep layers of mud.

In Offroad Mechanic Simulator, your skills as a mechanic are put to the ultimate test.

Employed to modify offroad vehicles, you'll take on contracts that go far beyond standard repair jobs. Your task is to equip these cars with top-notch parts, elevating their capabilities to brave the most challenging terrains. Whether it's installing a higher suspension or adding a snorkel, every decision must align with your budget and deliver outstanding results.

The game features a single-player campaign where you'll progressively learn how to service increasingly expensive cars. As you advance, purchase additional parts and tools to transform ordinary vehicles into offroad beasts.

But the true excitement lies in setting out on your own offroad adventures. Test the modifications you've made by driving across perilous terrain, climbing cliffs, and crossing muddy rivers. With breathtaking scenery all around you, each obstacle awaits your conquering spirit. And don't forget to wash your vehicles before handing them off to clients, as pristine machines leave lasting impressions.


Multiple Unique Cars: Get your hands on various offroad vehicles, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for modifications.

Photorealistic Graphics: Immerse yourself in stunning visuals that bring the offroad world to life.

Modify with Precision: Utilize various tools in a fully-equipped garage to modify vehicles according to your vision.

Remarkable Feats: Choose from a wide selection of parts to unlock the true potential of your cars and enable them to achieve remarkable feats.

Career Mode & Randomized Assignments: Engage in a captivating career mode with story missions, alongside various randomized assignments and jobs to keep things exciting.

Personalization Options: Customize your cars with paint jobs, decals, and decorative elements, creating unique offroad machines.

Realistic Offroad-Style Driving: Experience a driving model that stays true to the challenges of offroad terrains.

Diverse Environments: Traverse beautiful forest and desert landscapes, each filled with obstacles to conquer.

Unlimited Creativity: Unleash your creativity in creating vehicles that can handle anything thrown their way!

Delve into the world of offroad vehicle modification, and get ready to conquer nature's toughest challenges. With photorealistic graphics, thrilling adventures, and limitless creativity, this game promises to be an unforgettable journey for all offroad enthusiasts.

Explore the Offroad Mechanic Simulator Steam Page for more details, and don't miss the new gameplay trailer on YouTube. Feel free to publish your materials and stream the prologue to share the excitement with your audience. Offroad Mechanic Simulator awaits you – an ultimate offroad adventure you won't want to miss!

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