One Lonely Outpost: Start a Vibrant Farming Colony | Freedom Games

Embark on an exciting farming adventure in One Lonely Outpost by Freedom Games. Grow crops, build a community, explore ancient ruins, and play various mini-games. Join now and establish your thriving outpost on Steam.

General Information

Developer - Freedom Games

Publisher - Freedom Games

Genre -Early Access, Farming Sim, Colony Sim, Indie, Sandbox, Space, Life Sim

Platform(s) - PC ( steam )

Date Released - 26 Jun, 2023

Available On


An alien world sometimes needs a farmer’s touch to bring it to life. In this sci-fi, colonization-life sim, terraform a barren world: turn wastelands into verdant landscapes while exploring, farming, building, and unlocking all the mysteries of this strange new planet.

Discover the captivating world of One Lonely Outpost, the latest game by Freedom Games.

Immerse yourself in the role of a space farmer tasked with transforming a barren, alien world into a thriving farming colony. Whether you prefer traditional farming methods or cutting-edge technology, the choice is yours.

Start by tending to your crops, nurturing them with Delivez-On supplies and utilizing a unique tending mechanic. Choose to follow the Synthetic path, experimenting with robo-cows and gene-spliced crops, or embrace the Natural route, raising lively farm animals and carefully hand-tending your prized produce. As you master the art of farming, attract colonists to your outpost with an abundance of high-quality food.

But One Lonely Outpost is more than just farming. Build a community by welcoming specialists from around the galaxy, conducting research, and offering their services to help your colony flourish. Engage with fellow farmers, challenge them in friendly rivalries, and befriend the diverse characters that join your colony. Explore ancient alien ruins, uncovering the secrets of this enigmatic world, while overcoming challenges and cleverly outwitting the guardian robots.

Play the game your way, with the freedom to focus on farming, town-building, or unraveling the mysteries of the ruins. Each path offers balanced and rewarding gameplay, ensuring a fulfilling experience for players of all preferences. And if you're seeking additional adventures, indulge in thrilling mini-games such as the Asteroid Mine-and-race, fishing, cooking, and arcade games.

Join forces with up to 3 friends in the co-op multiplayer mode, where you can share the joy of space farming and compete in exciting mini-games together. Whether you choose to join an existing outpost or start anew, collaborate with friends to develop relationships with fellow colonists and even start your own families within the colony.

One Lonely Outpost is the ultimate pixel art game that combines farming, community-building, exploration, and mini-game fun. Don't miss your chance to establish a vibrant outpost and embark on an unforgettable adventure. Get your copy now on Steam and become the hero that brings life to a once-desolate world

one-lonely-outpost one-lonely-outpost one-lonely-outpost

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